What SCU is safe for August?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MOW ED, Jul 7, 2003.

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    Ok I know that a SCU of 40% or 50% is best in the hot weather but what is the lowest a guy might go without causing burning or other problems?

    I have some 28-3-10 w 2% S and 1%Fe the total N is 1.20 ammoniacal nitrogen and 26.8% urea nitrogen. 5.6% slowly available from SCU which gives it aprox 20% SCU. Is that too low for cool season turf in warm weather.

    I am generally looking at non irrigated KY blue/red fescue/rye mix. Temps can get to the 90's and rainfall can be as high as 3 inches in a month or as low as a trace.

    I have good luck with this product in the late spring but wonder if it is too hot for the summer ap?
    BTW I apply at aprox 3.5 lbs per 1000K in late spring but am thinking about going to 3/4 rate.

    What are your thoughts? I am asking because I have some product from earlier this year and it is similar in makeup to my usual summer ap except for the SCU. I usually apply a 29-5-10 with 40%SCU.
    Jim-- any help???? I'm always trying to learn.

  2. Something 50% slow release and contains Iron is pretty good I have found.

    Some lawns get fert with no "P"
  3. I would think 2lbs per 1000 of 28-3-10 with 5.6% slowly available would work. I believe you only want to slightly stimulate the turf at this time!

    What is your basic fert program? e mail me for more input!
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    I've had good luck with Lesco 24-5-11 40% SCU & 6% Fe on warm season turf (zoyzia, bermuda) with 5 applications, May through Sept. 1 bag/~10,000 sq ft. My chart shows that Kentucky Bluegrass, tall fescue and rye N requirements are in the same range as zoyzia and bermuda.
  5. lugnut#6

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    what would you guys use on st Augustine with a surplus of K
    and P and lacking in N. PH is neutral.air temp in the 90's.

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    Just a thought, maybe if those non-irrigated lawns are gonna fry- let 'em!
    Wait 'till Fall brings rains and cooler temps- aerate and fert then...
    If the grass is gonna fry anyway why waste the fert?
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    If you definitely need to get an application down in August and want to use that product up (instead of waiting until fall) I would go at the 2 lb / 1000 sqft rate, like timturf suggested.

    If your cash flow permits, pick up some 50-60% SCU product with iron, apply 3/4 lb actual N, and save what you have on hand for fall.
  8. lugnut#6

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    would it be ok to put out ammonia nitrate 34%scu on st Augustine in zone 8b?air temp is around 90+
  9. lugnut#6

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    another question....i have the cheapo scotts speedy green 3000
    what setting would i use for the above mentioned fertilizer?

    all this is for my own yard not a clients.im in the process of researching into getting my fert license.but as of right now i dont have one.

    i used the rapitest soil test kit from lowes to test the soil.
    is this accurate enough?

    any positive info is appreciated
    thank you
  10. lugnut#6

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    ok 1 more question then i'll stop:
    is it safe to use atrazine on centipede.i have areas of my yard that are a mix of st Augustine and centipede.i believe atrazine is the preferred herbicide for pre and post-emergant control of dollar-weed.correct?

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