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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by upidstay, Mar 17, 2006.

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    We are installing a new "general purpose" field. It will be used to practice on by lacrosse and soccer (3 teams total), as well as intramurals and pick up games. This is a college in CT. It will be native soil, crown drainage only, irrigated by a water cannon. The architect specs call for a 40/35/25 kbg/red fescue/perennial rye mix. I cannot figure out the red fescue part. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't see using this type of grass in an athletic field application. I was thinking of a 80/20 kbg/rye mix or a 80/10/10 dwarf turf type tall fescue/rye/kbg mix.
    I was also hoping to have it slice seeded, then hydro-mulched with some Drive 75 added to the mulch mix for weed control.
    Anybody have any thoughts??:confused:
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    Red Chewing Fescue???? I agree with you! Fine fescue for turf areas is lod school b4 they knew any better. Good for residential bad for high use areas.

    I would not use any tall fescue varieties as it has a tendency to clump down the road. Use perennial rye mixes since you will need the quick germination of this type of turf for quick rebounds when the field takes a beating. In the summer, overseed with more of a blue mix as it will tolerate heat a bit better then rye and it needs the soil to be warmer for germination anyway.
    We also use a water cannon and it is difficult to keep turf watered when the heat index rises quickly. Rest of what you have planned looks fine.
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    The red fescue is Creeping red fescue most of the time, I have and do use my own seed mix through Lesco for ball fields we do around the state it is 50%kb/25%CRF/25%pr. Call Lesco and ask For "PLANET PROFESSIONAL MIX". Tried and proven winner for ball fields. Any help we can be please call 203-881-9419 ask for Bill:usflag: (Several Architects with the state get the recomendations from me)
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    For an athletic field that gets heavy use, hands down, Poa Supina. There is nothing better for wear. Pick a blend of 45% KBG, 45% Per. Rye and 10% Poa Supina. The P. Supina will take over the field and crowd out the KBG and Rye over time. If you can afford it, you can use a higher % blend of P. Supina.
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