What seperates you from the competition?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Big Jake, Apr 22, 2011.

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    treat them like they are your only customer, return phone calls promptly, show up when you say you will show up.....use professional equipment, professional invoices/quotes/receipts, look professional, align your company with other professional companies in your area
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    Honestly my name separates me from other companies here. Instead of going with one of the hundred _________'s lawn care we have here I picked a different name.
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    I heard of one company called "MoBetter Lawn Care". It was on a post for most unusual lawn care names. I got a laugh out of it.
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    Professionalism! Smile and look into your clients eyes when you talk to them. Clean uniforms, I use polo shirts. Clean trucks and equipment. Don't do good work do perfect work. Use proper english when talking and on all paperwork. Take a moment to talk with your clients about something other than work. Appreciate the business!!!!
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    I agree the most with what gmlc stated. We use a uniform company, everyday fresh clean new uniforms, with company name and their name on them. Every job is done at 100%, we make sure of it. If its a multi day job, everything is moved out of the way, put in a nice organized pile, tarped and tied down, and everything is cleanup off the drives walks etc. Even if it takes us 30 minutes at the end of the day, we do stuff like that, it shows the customer you care. I also like what someone else said, to bring in the garbage cans, or bring up the paper for them. If we are mowing and the cans are out and emptied, we will grab them and walk them up to the garage door for them and put them there.

    Most importantly answer the phone. I always read on hear and have talked to clients too that no one answers the phone. When I am out of the office and in the field, the office line is forwarded to me, and I will stop what I am doing and answer the phone. Especially if its a potentially new customer. New customers have told me, i called 3 companies and out of those 3 you were the only 1 to answer. I simply checked them off the list.

    I try to limit the conversation and basically just say ok, is there a time we can meet or can I get your address and get you an estimate right away?

    Which leads me to my next point. This year we are trying to always be the first company to get our quote in. I dont know how many times cutsomers have said to me, thanks so much for the quick responces and getting us our quote the same day or at the latest the next day (for general quotes, specialty items obviously take longer). It really stands out. People dont want to wait for you to return their calls at 7 at night to talk to them (unless it was otherwise schedueled or told to), and they dont want to wait 4 or 5 days for a simple quote. I always chuckle when I am on here and somone is asking what to charge on a monday night, then friday they say well I turned in the quote today and lost, and its always for something really simple.

    Ive explained in another thread about our detailed estimate portfolio we submit or commercial and higher end residential accounts. On the middle class accounts I have a portfolio I bring along that I can show them referrals, pictures or work, insurance certs, company profile, all of our services.

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