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I suppose almost everyone includes mowing, edging, grass trimming, and blowing off debris as weekly maintenance, but do you also include weeding beds, trimming shrubs, minor pruning, or any other maintenance as part of your weekly service? <p>----------<br>A and B Lawn Services<br>


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I would have to ask you how much you want to do. I personally would not have time to weed the beds. I offer a standard package and an optional package, standard being mow, trim, edge, blow, and the optional includes all the above + light pruning, re-shaping shrubs every 6 weeks, fertilizing, and mulch replacement. I find out what the customer wants before I ever give them a price. You need to know all this up front so you can include it in their monthly price. If they don't want a &quot;deluxe package&quot; then they get the basics and get charged seperately for everything else when they ask for it. Once we agree on a monthly price thats it, unless the opt to renegotiate. Thats what I do.<p>Homer


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I don't have any set packages. It is whatever a particular customer wants. Almost all of our customers pay by the month, year round. And most of those include hedge trimming as needed and weed &quot;management&quot; in the beds. A friend of mine tried to include the mulching thing with new customers and it didn't work out too well. Rather than tack on a decent amount, he used a price that was too low. All the other bids didn't include mulch, so an extra $40 a month would look too drastic. For some reason people will pay $300 for mulch when it is put down, but think they are getting ripped off if it is broken down into a monthly fee and they don't see a return for 6 months or more.