what services can i offer with my sprayer

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    In april I purchased a 200 Gallon Lesco sprayer and got my license. The company i was working for at the time promised that they would work with me and I would provide spraying for thier clients and collect a cut. the company never cam through and i am no longer an employee (long story.. he screwed me over on a whole bunch of things). ive done about 4 applications of Tempo Sc Ultra for ticks, jap beetles and catepillars but am now out of season. What other services can I provide with my sprayer.. please any help would be greatly appreciated.. Ive talked to Karen at lesco in pembroke MA but she is usually too busy to help me fully understand everything that i can do. also.... my neighbor has graciously let me borrow his deep root feeder attachment. What kind of services can i offer and how do i go about billing it out ?
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    1. you can fertilize with liquid or water soluble fertilizers
    2. broadleaf weed control
    3. bed preemergent weed control
    4. tree and shrub inseciticide and fungicide applications.
    5 deep root injection fertilizers
    6. vegetation control in industrial sights, railroad sidings, fencelines etc.
    7. roundup application to prepare lawns for total renovation.
    8. Call neighboring landscapers in the area and offer to subcontract their spray work to where you both can make decent money.
    9. keeping small pesky children from bugging you while you're on a job sight.
    ( this one's fun! ) only kidding.

    I'm sure I'm missing some, but these are services that can help keep your sprayer busy. Make sure you do proper rinsing and tank cleaning between different types of applications. Hope it helps!
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    im kinda scared mixing round up in the same tank that im also using for fertilization. i usually rinse my tank out 3 or 4 times and run a decent amount of water through the pumps and hose... any suggestions?
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    Switching back and forth from tree spraying and herbicide applications can be done, but you have to use common sense.

    Try to mix only what you need. Use a tank cleaner like Neutralize or Nutrasol or the like after each and every RoundUp-type mixture, and any time you are switching to tree spraying. You should still triple rinse.

    Use a piece of duct tape on the lid to label what the tank was last used for, if it sits unused for extended periods.

    Be careful. There is no such thing as being overly safe or cautious.

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