What services do you offer?

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  1. rusty_keg_3

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    The title says it all... Please list what you offer, and would like to offer. Also, what makes you the most money.

    • Mow
    • Tree and Shrub Trimming and Removal
    • Plow
    • Salt
    • Clean-ups (spring, fall, storm)
    • "Landscape" (Plant some plants, and mulch, nothing crazy)

    • Odd Jobs (painting, clean-outs, winterizing, ect). We are "The Home and Lawn Service after all. :laugh:

    Mowing is our money maker...

    We want to do more "landscaping", add aeration, de thatching, sod, hardscaping, lighting, and some irrigation, tilling (maybe), hydro seeding, fencing, brush hogging, application (working on license)...
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  2. ajslands

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    All that, but a little more on the landscaping, plus fertilizing, aeration, seeding, roto tilling, sodding, sod cutting, fall clean up, spring clean up, gutter cleaning and mulching.
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    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Lawn Cutting
    Fertilizer/Spray Packages
    Spring Clean ups
    Fall Clean ups
    Mulch Installation
    Stone Installation
    Sod Installation
    Hedge Trimming/Pruning
    Winter Pruning
    Landscape Installation
    Small Bush and Plant Removal
    Flower Packages

    We do mostly cutting and fertilization as well as tons of spring and fall cleanups. We are trying to make our maintenance slightly bigger and self sufficient and we would like to increase our landscape sales....
  4. FrankPollySod

    FrankPollySod LawnSite Member
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    Sod Installation - Commercial
    Sod Installation - Residential
    Re sod and Re sodding

    Frank Polly Sod
  5. Glenn Lawn Care

    Glenn Lawn Care LawnSite Silver Member
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    clean ups (spring/fall, storms)
    mulch installs
    rock installs
    plant installs
    shrub trimming
    irrigation serivce (mostly fix heads and adjust, learning how to start up/blow outs)
    pressure washing
  6. DJJS

    DJJS LawnSite Member
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    - Weekly Lawn Maintenance
    - Spring/Fall Cleanups
    - Brick Pavers
    - Retaining Walls
    - Custom Built Decks
    - Fence Installations
    - Plantings (Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, Seasonal Color, Privacy Plantings)
    - Mulch & Stone
    - Dethatching
    - Aeration
    - Shrub Pruning
    - Arbor/Pergola Construction
    - Drainage Solutons
    - Rail Road Ties
    - Fertilization/Weed Control Programs
    - Tree Trimming & Removal
    - Storm Cleanups
    - Stump Grinding
    - Holiday Light Installations
    - Gutter Cleaning
    - Snow Removal
  7. anotherturfgeek

    anotherturfgeek LawnSite Member
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    weed control
    shrub trim/removal
    mulch installs
    rock installs
    fert/plug aerating
    change outdoor bulbs
    kill bee nests
    fire ant control
    outdoor spider web removal
    landscape lighting repair
    sprinkler repair
    trimm tree limbs up to 10'
    weeding/poison vine removal and killing

    These are 12 month contract items only!!!!!
  8. randosh4

    randosh4 LawnSite Member
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    All things legal that make HUGE money
  9. RLS24

    RLS24 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I advertise for the following:

    -Weekly Lawn Maintenance
    -Spring and Fall Cleanups
    -Hedge trimming
    -Landscape Lighting
    -Landscape Design and Installation
    -Mulching and Edging
    I also offer tree trimming and removal however I don't do any of that work I sub it out to a buddy of mine.

    In addition to what I advertise, I do a few other things...for example I had a couple people call me and ask if I do thatching...I got a couple lined up and rented the machine and knocked them out in one day. Most profitable overall is mowing, but I do good in terms of average dollars-per-hour on hedge trimming also.
  10. Jhill19

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    Too Many!!!

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