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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Surferbum21, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Surferbum21

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    Hey guys I bought a house last year and landscaped the hell out of it. Now I am at the finishing touches. I want to put a water feature on my front patio. I built a flagstone patio that it will kind of flow into. I do not think I have room for an actual pond so I was thinking a pondless waterfall or some rock bubblers would work/look best. I was hoping some of you veterans could give me an idea. Thanks.



  2. Macdiesiel

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    How far out in the front can you go?
  3. Surferbum21

    Surferbum21 LawnSite Senior Member
    from SW OKC
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    confused...I just have that small hole to work with. I didn't want anything big. Just something that we can sit there with a bottle of wine and have the noise of the water.
  4. Venturewest

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    you could have a bubbling rock, or an overflowing piece of pottery. They make some nice basins that come with a grate. You just dig a level hole, put your fountain basin in, plumb the pot and cover the grate with river rock. Lots of variations to this theme. Do a google search for fountain basin.

    Here is a very informative link: Will give you some ideas and tell you exactly how to do it:

  5. JeffY

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    I would go with a bubbling rock as well. The area is pretty small to do something like a pondless waterfall. If you can, add some lighting to it to highlight it at night as it would be a nice focal point.
  6. William Burnison

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    Pond Free is the way to go for a space this small. No matter what you want to actually move the water. You have a lot of versatility here...a fountain, a bubbler boulder, a waterfall or a stream. All will give you the sights and sounds of moving water.

    As an added bonus, you will not find a type of water feature that has less maintenance to do than wiht a disappearing or pond free system.

    The space is too small to even consider even a small pond. It would really make the area unbalanced to try and crowd a pond into such a tiny area. Do a pond free, enjoy the water movement and be happy with the lack of maintenance. Save another part of your property for a pond.

  7. fmjnax

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    I'm typically all for the in-ground pond/pondless/bubbler/etc stuff. However, I think this would be the perfect place to put a Whiskey Barrel pond/fountain? I had a 3-tiered one that I built years back when we lived in an apartment. Kept a few goldfish and plants in it and made a very nice accent to the patio!
  8. All_Toro_4ME

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    Surferbum21: I like your Sooner Country rock you have in the first picture. Wise team choice. :)

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