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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by vanncann, Dec 30, 2010.

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    In approximatly 1978 my dad Homer Cannon started Cannon Lawn Care. Over the years he updated his outfit. First with riding mower, and then with line trimmers and edgers. In 1982 my 10th birthday I saw him going buy with something green in the back of the truck. I thought "birthday present". It was a present, a line trimmer. Since that day I have learned how to do most things related to lawn care. Later that decade I got my drivers licence and started taking over the bussiness. In the mid nintys Homer retired and set me free to chase the bussiness the way I saw fit. In doing so I went with star mowers to save time and labor, which worked great. After getting married in September 1996 we moved to Mobile Alabama for Leigh my new wife to go to school at USA, and after 2.5 years she graduated as a Physical Therapist, and we found out we were pregnant with the first of three. Once knowing we were starting a family we moved back to Dothan Alabama to pursue life and work. Getting back into the grass service is a slow process so after years of service it starts taking off in Dothan again. Now being licensed for every type of Lawn or Landscape service in Alabama we are now starting a web sit so Enjoy. If you need service and experience Please call for a free quote. Cannon Lawn Care, LLC can take care of you're needs.

    by, not buy
    nineties, not nintys
    business, not bussiness
    site? not sit

    Not being picky, just trying to help.
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    I'm not trying to pick on you, either. But, there are many spelling errors and grammatical errors. Spell check can't find all errors and there is no program for grammar. Hey, some guys are great workers and some guys know how to write.:) Find someone to personally check for you.

    I like the photo of you and your wife; a nice personal touch.
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    Spelling is don... As for the grammar that's as good as it gets right now... Maybe in the future it will be taken care of with better grammar. I have found that spell check doesn't find all the errors. Whats next???
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    Sorry,my first post, but several things jumped out at me.

    It almost seems like you put too many sales pitches in every section. People are looking for information, and too many sales pitches on every page will lead them to not read any further. I was reading through your services page, and almost every one had a sales pitch for that service. I would simplify it. Break it into three categories: 1. Design and Installation, 2. Regular Maintenance, and 3. Cleanup and Removal.


    Design and Installation
    New Lawns with the right seed for your needs
    Flowers and Gardens
    New Tree Layouts

    Regular Maintenance
    Weed Management

    Cleanup and Removal
    Seasonal Cleanups
    Bush Hogging??? never heard of that, guessing it goes here
    Gutter Cleaning
    Tree and Bush Trimming

    Then throw the Contact us for a Free Estimate below all that with a link to your contact page.

    You don't really need a detailed description of each service as they are mostly self explanatory. I would also Avoid describing your services as professionally done....they know that already, they are looking to hire you.

    I would create a mission statement and make that most of your home page. People don't want to read a lot, so keep it short. "Cannon Lawn Care is dedicated to providing a lawn & landscape that will make your neighbors jealous, exceptional customer service, and prompt completion exceeding your expectations."

    Add three more tabs to the list on the left 1. Licenses 2. Insurance 3. Certifications (then you don't have to mention them everywhere else and the people that care will look) Put the pertinent information in a bullet point format rather than in a paragraph so the are easily scanned.

    I would consider adding a photo section too, then you can eliminate some of the clutter. Try to limit it to one photo per page, and have the general photo section they can scroll through if they want. You want everything you have to say to show up without them having to scroll if possible.

    I would remove the equipment tab. Most customers don't care or know what any of that means anyway.

    Contact us page.
    1.Take off that within 48 hours it can say you put things off for 2 days.
    2. Move your Company name and address above the form and make it bigger to stand out.
    3. If you are asking for address, you should have enough for a full postal address, slightly confusing that there is city, but no state or zip. Make the physical address optional and put "(optional)" on the right so they don't feel required to give you personal information immediately. Conversely you could star the required fields. Remember to keep them comfortable or they aren't going to contact you.
    3. Think about having a logo designed, or play with the layout a little.

    which looks better?

    Cannon Lawn Care

    Lawn Care

    The less they have to move their eyes, the more effective your page will be.

    Your banner at the top lists Dothan as the city, and your address is Newton? mildly confusing to me, but that may be common knowledge in your area.

    On the about us page, I like the picture of you and your wife. I would recommend not doing one showing you on vacation.....By the way, I am jealous, that looked like the Grand Canyon to me) I would say have a picture professionally done with your entire family, I think you can even get one at Walmart for under $20.

    The background you gave does show a little bit where you came from, but it is almost too much detail about your private life to be passing on to potential customers. I would more explain that you got your first trimmer at 10, and were off to the races. Personal information about your family life contradicts the professional image you are trying to portray. Keep the bio a professional representation of your past.

    I wouldn't put the Visa/Mastercard on there unless you accept online payments.

    ok, that's a good start, spent an hour going over this. I hope I didn't hit you too hard.
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    Wow rbl525! Really constructive! So what is it you did in your previous life? Website designer???
    Alot of the same things I was thinking, just didn't want to seem too picky. Especially about the bio, kinda makes you skim over it. Never noticed the "equipment" tag. I agree, pretty useless.
    48 hours- VERY good point.
    Really good evaluation with VERY constructive criticism.

    Vanncann, not sure if you changed it but you've got another "bussiness"
    "free to chase the bussiness the way I saw fit"
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    rbl525, sorry for the work but it is appreciated. As for the accepting payments on line NO! To much hassle going thru all the security. This is not a paypal set up I can process a card just like a store can, I just call mine in by phone instead of a terminal.
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    If you wanted to accept online payments you might look at www.mals-e.com. It is free and uses their secure servers. It stores the credit card info into a data base and sends you an email that you have a sale or payment. You just log into your online account and get the credit card info and call it in. That is totally free. They also have a pay version which will automatically charge the credit card through your gateway such as Authorize.net for $ 7.95 which you would not need but might look at in the future. I have used mals free service for years now and it works fine.

    All you really do is use a buy it now or pay now type of button and set up a hyperlink with the information. It is pretty easy to set up. It goes right into the same web page you have now and there are no templates needed so it incorporates well.
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    True. Then they'll send you an email that you've got funds, you transfer them into your bank at your leisure. Cost if free until used.
    Personally, I'd rather use the secure server, then give my CC # to someone on the phone, who know's WHERE it will end up? At least this way, I have a paper trail. Both parties get an email confirmation.
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    I think it looks pretty good.I'm not a big grammar basher.I would change the picture of you and your daughter to a pic of you and some of your machines or a working pic.You are gonna want to post alot and write in some blogs to get your ranking up.Also submit them to the search engines to get them recognized.You can google that kind of stuff.

    I will say one more thing a website is not something you build and then let it sit there.You have to work on it alot to keep your rank high and content up to date.
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    Actually Lefet, Mals is free even when you do use it.

    You still have to pay the bank fee for the credit card processing with your bank but Mals doesn't charge you anything and you use thier secure server so it is safe for your customer and you. The email that they send tells you that you have a sale or payment and you log into the database using your password and get the credit card info. You then call your bank with the credit card info and they process the payment.

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