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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sinkum, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. sinkum

    sinkum LawnSite Member
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    i am working part time for a solo lawn service. he pays me $10.00 an hour. he tells me if i buy my own ztr that he will pay $15.00 an hour. now im not a smart man but i know that to get my $6,000 back in one year i wold have to work 1200 hours. he dosnt have that much extra work now but says he would take on more.
    what should i charge for me and equipment? he gets paid by how much he mows. i think i should too. if he gets $30 per lot and i mow 4 lots an hour i get $15. he gets $105. i could make more at $10 an hour and use his equipment.
    what would be a fair price considering its his account?

    IN2MOWING LawnSite Member
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    If you buy a ZTR you might as well go out and get some of your own accounts.
  3. Runner

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    Don't let this guy take you for a fool. Put ot this way,...there are guys out there who pay 15 an hour to experienced employees withOUT equipment. Also, the 1200 hours thinking is all off. You have to live, too. That would be like paying someone to drive your plowtruck for 10 an hour, and then telling them if they use their own truck, you'll pay 15 an hour. Give me a break. In other words, the guy is telling you a no-go on the using your own equipment thing.
  4. MTR

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    You want to pay $ 6000 and still want to work for $ 15 an hour? Where is your thinking process? Holly ghost. I made a lot more than $ 15 an hour doing solo with a 36" Metro, and if I have a Z, oh boy...but I am conservative running debt-free lawn business so I go slow and accumulate money, I don't believe in credit purchase on expensive rider. Please, do it yourself for favor if you want to run a $ 6000 Z , and still want to settle for $15, that is a joke.
    Look at mexican LCO, they got like beat-up WB/sulky, and they still make a lot more than $15 an hour cause they run their own low low mexican style cost effective...and still do nice work. The Z debt will bury you if you only make $15 an hour, sorry.
  5. S man

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    You should start your own business. Who would buy equipment and still work for someone? That dude you work for is funny! Buy a trimmer and blower and make the money he makes. payup
  6. cantoo

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    You going to cover the fuel, blades and repairs for that $15 per hour too? You might want to rethink your relationship with this guy. It's sounds like he thinks your his wife and he's _ _ _ _ _ _ _ you.
  7. sinkum

    sinkum LawnSite Member
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    just what i was thinking guys. i dont think hes trying to cheat me i just think he doesnt understand what he is offering. (maybe he is, i dont know)
    im thinking like you. i should just go it on my own.
    thank for the feedback
  8. 65hoss

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    Tell him to take a hike!
  9. Lake Claire Lawn Ranger

    Lake Claire Lawn Ranger LawnSite Member
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    Buy the Z and come down here and work for me :D
  10. deereman

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    Hey Sinkum .....................RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN :waving:

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