What should I charge to remove these trees?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by miller5320, Jun 28, 2008.

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    Hi, I'm thinking about proposing cutting down two trees for one of my customers since he said he was going to have them removed anyway. I figure I can get the job and save him from paying extra to have a professional company to it. I'm not sure what type it is but it's dead, it's about 40 feet tall, and there is nothing in the way of it(not near his house/phone line). What would you charge to remove this tree and cut into smaller logs? Would you charge by the hour or by the job? Also, there is another tree that forks into two trees, one of which is dead. This dead part is leaning towards a river(about 18" deep). It is also around 40 feet tall. What would you charge to cut this tree down and into smaller pieces to throw into a brush pile on his property? I would think it would be extra since it's leaning over the river. Both trees are about 18" thick. I just bought a Stihl MS250 for $330 and I'm looking to at least pay for it with these two trees.
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    $1000 for both
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    Well here in WI, companies pay US to come take our trees for paper mills, is he aware of that? Wouldn't want him to get angry with you if he learns that later and feels like you ripped him off.
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    It's easy. You call a reputable tree service (or two) and get the estimate. You add $200-$250 to the cost and give the customer your estimate. You're covered, you make some money, and are good to go. No insurance worries, and you are freed up to do more work that you re better equipped to do.

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