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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by humble1, Jul 13, 2008.

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    I have a new customer this year, lawn was seeded last year middle of summer, very poor start lots of crab poor germination rough stalk bluegrass everywhere.. I did 2 rounds of dimension w/ blanket BL control about 50-60K. She wont sign on for grub control or surface insects control. The lawn is full sun all day in the middle of a field.
    The lawn is showing a lot of stress, i go to do round 3 try to talkk her into grub and surface insect control she says i dont want the upsell, whatever your doing isnt working. I ask what the irrigation is set at? She says 10 min every other day. I tell her not enough time w/ the heat we have had. She says I disagree 10 min is enough. I couldnt believe she is arguing w/ me. I get there red thread is burning the blades down to the ground it cant grow fast enough because she isnt watering. I go to do the next round I manually turn on the system at a valve so i can get the nozzle number. I sent her bill saying that a Hunter PGP w/ a #4 nozzle puts out .05 inches of water in 10 min. She is only putting down less than a ..25 inch per week before evaporation. She needs 1" of water per week or 42 minutes of run time each day. I wrote that you cant argue w/ the math. I wrote that she didnt want grub and surface insect control and should she change her mind I can give her a price later. Im afraid she is going to blame me for the lawn decline. What would you do. or do you do when a customer wont follow directions and own some responcibility
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    You've done everything you can. I live in a desert. I try very hard to get my clients to water properly, but the solid truth is that many will not. I do what I can for the lawns, I document when they are dry. If the client doesn't believe it is dry, I will use my soil probe to show them. At that point, I figure the ball is in their court.
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    50% of my customers don't listen to my cultural practice suggestions. i pound them with tips every invoice and newsletter. some just are set in their ways. sounds like this lady is a pain in the butt and unless she is a very profitable customer don't worry about it. i've learned quickly that there are some people that you just can't please or change their minds about some things.

    keep giving her suggestions, but don't worry about losing her. sounds like sooner or later you will.
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    stick a soil probe in the ground and show her how dry the lawn is. tell her the roots arent going to grow into her dry powder-like dirt. thick roots require deep and infrequent feedings. it's 90 degrees up here in new england daily and i couldnt tell you the last time it rained. tell the hag she can spend a little money and waste it, or she can spend slightly more money and have it actually DO SOMETHING.

    if she still wont listen soil probe her head and go through her wallet.
  5. jbturf

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    i agree, ive had no questions or arguements once ive pulled a plug
    of dry dusty soil out- with the ol soil probe, while the customer
    was watching
    this still doesnt mean they are gonna change anything-but
    at least you have successfully driven the point across.

    now, what about the damn people who insist on watering 2x every
    single day

    maybe be a smartass when talking with the lady on ur next meeting,
    and ask what she recommends be done to improve the turf
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    Frank's advice is good--most of it. I always use an inexpensive soil moisture meter intended for house plants. ($10). Show her how it says "low". Even give it to her. She can then watch her soil moisture herself. Cheaper than the gas it costs to drive out there. Also give her a couple of coffee mugs. Set them out when sprinkler runs. You and she can then see how much is in the bottom of the mug after the sprinklers run.

    You gave her advice. If she cannot afford to water or doesn't want to--that is up to her. Your job is the fertility and weeds--do it well.

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