What should I do to get 30 accounts next spring?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BlueGrassBoy, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Door hanger flyers have netted us 1 good client per thousand door hanger flyers passed out. Printing costs of 60/thousand plus the 100 in labor to pass out 1k fliers. To pass out flyers expect at least 150/ customer in acquisition costs. The flyers will get you good quality clients that have low turnover rates. Have them designed professionally that send a message that include some type of incentive to call. We have a first cut free offer right on the front. We have never had anyone try to get just one cut off the offer.

    Who is your target market? This is the one of the biggest reasons someone's marketing campaign fails. Target the exact market you are going after and you will have better results.

    Like andy said, PICK UP YOUR PHONE when someone calls. This alone will get you jobs. If you dont want to race another LCO to the bottom, pick up the phone and give a same day quote. Half the time you will be the only one the customer can get to come out.

    Craigslist has gotten us some customers, but beware, they are cheap. Lots of renters call, we require a retainer for any renters.

    The newspaper is good for 20 or so clients for us a year. Although i think you have to have the market penetrated already to be sucessful in the paper. If they dont recognize your name or logo they will call a name that they already have seen or heard of.

    We are also going to do pamphlet mailers this late jan, february, and march to nicer neighborhoods. You aren't mowing in the winter so spend your time getting addresses.

    We will also cold call businesses that we would like to cut. We only contact properties that fit our business model. If they aren't up for bid this year, write down when they are and KEEP IN CONTACT with whoever is in charge.

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    If you are looking into any door hangers check out A'Deas Printing (www.adeasprinting.com) We have some specials going on that include our different ideas for distributing. With our innovative ideas it will help keep your printing in your customers view and not in their yard. We do also do direct mail and post card printing, If you'd like more information on anything just let me know! My name is Glenda. Me email is glenda@adeasprinting, or you can reach us at 1-866-778-4254.
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    i ordered from nextday 2 times for postcards, great company to deal with.. pretty fast and reasonable on the prices.

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    where are you guys getting your flyers made? I got 750 though vista print for 150.00 then mailed all of them out for about 80.00. Preety costly its landed a few jobs and will make my money back but would like a cheaper route.
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    Just a few thoughts...

    I think it is better to focus on quality accounts- not a specific number. Decide what areas you can make the most money in and go after them any way you can- all the ways listed above.

    Done properly, and depending on where you live, Craigslist can bring lots of quality work. Tonygreek has posted extensively on how to properly use it.

    Look into Redbeacon.com, Thumbtack.com, and ServiceVines.com.

    I have never done the door to door thing over large areas, but I will knock on the door of neighbors of existing clients. There is just too much profit available to not try it.
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    Keep this thread going...... I think a combo of all the above as well: Fliers, door hangers, business cards, "tasteful" door knocking, web sites, and online lead generators. I think a healthy balance of all could do nothing but help.
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    When your a growing company you can't put all of this money out in every marketing form.

    You need to talk with a couple of buddies in your area and ask them what they are doing. If no buddies, try to make some. Also talk with your dealer, he/she may be able to help to get you going in the right direction but don't expect them to personally do anything for your business because all of your competitors go into the same couple dealers.

    No reason to continue thread, it's been beaten to death.

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    I plan on mailing out flyers to my zipcode, it will be 25,953 houses/companies. One online company quoted me around $1800.

    I just hope it's the right 25K, just any 25K might not be good, you could end up with a bunch of junk you MIGHT net 200 accounts out of that, by which you only take on 50 or less.
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    Is that from my previous comment?

    You can decide what types of housing get the postcard: residential, commercial, rural, suburbs, etc.


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