What should I do with my F550?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Seabiscuit, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Seabiscuit

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    Hey all! I'm new to the boards. I moved here to Oak Ridge, Tennessee (East side of TN, near Knoxville for those unfamiliar). I'm an IT guy at a local radiation plant and am hoping to earn some extra cash on evenings and weekends. I drove here from Washington state in an F550 that has been a money pit, but now that I've put a "new" 70k mile 7.3L Diesel in it, it should be ready to work in a week or two. It has an 8' x 10' flatbed with removable 2' sides.

    I've thought about doing custom hauling, car hauling, or brush clearing with it (well hauling equipment for that), but when looking through a Tractor Supply catalog today I saw large liquid tanks and thought about doing a fertilizing tanker business.

    I figure not everybody has a truck with the weight capacity of a 550, so I have a slight advantage over the average Joe, be it slight... and perhaps offset by my lack of experience other than what I learned growing up on a dairy..

    .. I believe I can stack another another 9k or 10k lbs on the truck and still be within legal weight constraints... and haul another 8 or 9 thousand pounds if I eventually got a trailer. A 1100 gallon tank is available at tractor supply so I could pretty much fill that up and be okay... of course I would need to account for pump, hose, materials, and tools weight...

    How feasible is this tanker fertilizing/pesticide idea in your opinion? I'm figuring on keeping the product mostly liquid because that would be far faster per house unless I'm mistaken, and from some reading, it sounds more price efficient. Not that I would totally rule out the granulated product.. just keep it to a minimum.

    In terms of mixing I've seen guys mentioning using a mix bottle at the nozzle of the hose to minimize waste and have the primary tank just full of pure water. By that method I could have one tank and maintain the option for several products.

    Then there's the larger commercial job idea.. ballparks, city parks, and just massive lawns were perhaps I could use the truck as an entire spray unit... I imagine my tires could damage the ground though in that case

    and thoughts or ideas on this plan? Anybody already have a business going who wants another truck to run for you?

    I'll be doing a lot more readin on these boards, but wanted to get a quick post in.. Thanks!
  2. fool32696

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    With a full on Spray truck there's no way you could get away, even for a little while without state licensing. Sell the truck and work longer hours at the plant.
  3. kleankutslawn

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    this could cost you alot of money and headaches
  4. Seabiscuit

    Seabiscuit LawnSite Member
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    Ya, I dont think I'd try without the license.. I'll by figurin on avoiding the massive cash/jail penalties. =)

    Well dang.. what about thoughts on spraying that fertilized seed mix you often seen in new developments?
  5. P.Services

    P.Services LawnSite Fanatic
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    you mean hydroseed?
  6. Seabiscuit

    Seabiscuit LawnSite Member
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    If hydroseed is the sprayed-on seed, I guess ya. I'm pretty green if that isnt yet apparent. =)
  7. fool32696

    fool32696 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Having a truck isn't a reason for choosing a profession. Your profession should choose your equipment.
  8. kleankutslawn

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    i totally agree
  9. KGR landscapeing

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    Why the heck did you have this rig in Washington what did you do with it there. i mean if it was a dump you would be good to go but. its not its just a flat bed.
  10. old oak lawn

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    the funny part is you dont even know how much trouble you will get in. some one will call the state boys on you and then you will have to pay big $$$$. you dont know what u are doing. work at the plant more ,its a lot better then jail.

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