What Should I do With This Lawn? Please help


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I just rented my first house and we have a very small backyard. I've never maintained a yard before and I would like your feedback on what to do.

50% of the lawn is weeds, 25% is bare, and the other 25% is grass. Obviously, I want all grass.

What do you recommend I do? Should I get weed killer first and then seed new grass? I have no idea what to do. Please someone give me step by step what I need to do.

The lawn faces the north and doesn't get much direct sun.





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Go to HD and get straight round up. Spray round up. Wait for death of weeds. Till up ground and remove anything you dont want in there. If enough sun for sod, go with that. If limited sun or you can't get shade sod, go with a shade mix grass seed. Water. Pretty easy since its such a small area.

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In my opinion, I would go about digging the weeds up, and then go about reseeding. However I am only 16, so I would let the veterans chime in and follow they're advice before considering mine.
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I would kill it off. Cut it really really short after it dies, till it up level it out and sod it.

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Go on amazon.com and order Jerry Baker's Green Grass Magic: Tips, Tricks, and Tonics for Growing the Toe-Ticklinest Turf in Town! It will get you started and it will serve as a future reference for caring for your lawn.


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i would say with that small of an area, and being on the north side of the house, you should kill off the weeds and grass with roundup, cut it down short, lay down a landscape fabric and put down stone, kill off the weeds in the landscape beds and re-mulch.


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Just start by spraying round-up and once it's dead till it as deep as you can and then depending on how much sun the area gets go with either a full shade grass or a mix of sun and shade tolerant grasses. Water it well for about two weeks and hold off on mowing it as long as possible.

For the rest of the yard get some Scot's Turf Builder with Weed and Feed and spread it when the grass is wet. Early morning is the best so you can take advantage of the dew. If you don't do it when its wet it will not work as well. And I would highly recommend a dust mask when applying, trust me. Then let it sit for a week then mow it and over-seed and water it for two weeks and again hold off on mowing until two weeks after over-seeding to give the grass the best chance.

Don't cut it short then spray it because you could run the risk of the round up staying in the soil for a few weeks and killing off the new grass.

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Don't cut it short then spray it because you could run the risk of the round up staying in the soil for a few weeks and killing off the new grass.

I was thinking the same thing...kill,till,then seed and wham !! new grass in no time...def go with a fall seeding...good luck

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