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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stevesmowing, Jul 24, 2004.

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    Hey guys I am 16 years old. This year I have been mowing 25-35 yards a week depending on how much rain we have been getting. I just bought a truck b/c i wanted a vehicle and thought i might at well get a truck. I hear that you either have to stay small in this business or go big. I figure I am still under the small category but I don't know where the middle one starts that I don't wanna be in. My question is this. I looked at and tried ramps for my truck curved aluminum but I didn't like how my 48" belt drive came down the ramps it was hard to control. I am wondering if I should get the safe-t ramps for like 500-600 dollars, buy a trailer, or just keep riding my sulky between jobs. All of my jobs are within a 1 mile radius of my house. I would like it if i could use the truck for these jobs but I don't want to be wasting money. I also don't know what i am doing when I go to college. The problem with just getting a cheap trailer is a place to store it. Its against deed restrictions to keep it in the yard or driveway and storage places here go for $75 a month. I just don't wanna be the middle guy who is working more and making less than the small guy. Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Well half way through your post i said "thats easy buy a trailer"....I wouldnt worry much about how big you are. I would say buy a trailer and store it because you can easily make that money up in the ability to grow, and time you will be saving instead of riding one mile on your sulkey at 6 miles an hour.

    My opinion only.

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    Buy a trailer before you get hurt.

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    Spend about 800 on used trailer or less and save yourself $800 worth of lost time that was caused by you trying to back a mower out of a truck, not worth the risk of getting hurt.
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    If all that you would be hauling on a trailor, should you go that route, is a riding mower. What about one of those 4 x 8 folding trailors? They are rather cheap when compared to solid full frame trailor. Then if you have a garage or storage shed/shop it could be put away when not in use or stowed against a wall. It would save you a storage fee every month.

    I know that folding trailors are not the greatest mode of transporting equipment. But I thought that I would just give another idea to thank about.
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    I put a 48 walk behind in the back of my truck all the time.

    Get good ramps that have a mesh over them. Don't get the ones with gaps between the rungs.
    Make sure you ratchet tie the ramps to your truck Also shoot one or two studs to each ramp where it rest on the tail gate. Tig wield them fast. Or you can just wield .250 bolts or round stock. drill .312 holes in the tail gate to align the pins in when using the ramps
    This will keep the ramps from wanting to kick.

    Do not use or buy those 2x10 ramp making kits. They work but they will break with usage. maybe not the the 10 time or the 100 time but they will break.

    Also very important. Check the straps or cables and fastener bolts on the tail gate. If they look worn or frayed replace them with new ones.

    As time goes on you can get a trailer if needed. As far as storage just keep a eye open for a place to store it at. Maybe trade some work for storage with a acquaintance.
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    ride the lawn mower to the job! hey it worked for george jones when he rode his mower to the bar!
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    Buy a trailer, you won't regret it.

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