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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Petr51488, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. Petr51488

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    It's that time of year when the grass doesn't grow as much. The customers i do every week i don't have a problem with but the people who want it done every other week are giving me problems. Their telling me that they are going to call when they want it done. It kinda pisses me off because we had a verbal agreement in the beginning of the season stating that he/she wanted it done every other week. Now they tell me they'll call when they want it done which is like once a month. What would you do in my place? Any advice?
  2. Gtotoy

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    ~~Drop them,, there are other fish in the sea.~~
  3. all degree

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    Where in NJ are you?? I couldnt imagine going more than two weeks right now. I do not take every other weeks starting this season.

    I dropped 4 at the begininng of the year that were every other week that were very profitable. $45 for only about 4000sq ft.

    They are pains in the ass. Be firm and tell them that you cut every other week or not at all.
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    Wecome to the world of EOW PITB customers and ONE of the reasons I no longer accept them, period. The only exception I make to that rule is the Realtor I've been doing lots of work for recently, as everything is EOW for him. But as far as a "normal resi customer" NO WAY.. I'm sure lots here will tell you to use signed contracts, and that's not a bad idea either, I'm probly going to start using them myself soon, so that even " GOOD " weekly accts don't try the EOW scam part way thru the season... God Bless you man, and I hope you figure out what works best for You.
  5. Petr51488

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    Thanks for the replys. Im from rutherford NJ. Thats in bergen county. The only reason why i keep the every other weekers is because most of the time its easy money. Their the houses that pay for my gass and other supplies. Its not a problem doing it every other week, the problem is when they tell me theyll call when they want it done. Im the type of person who doesnt like that. One called yesterday and said she wanted it done. I was like ok ill be by when i have time. THe EOW's are the ones who i have the least priority for. Maby next year i should go with contracts and make things easier. Thanks again - Peter
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    Also, when you DO go to do it, you go in, cut, trim, and get out. When they are wondering about all the grass laying around, you tell them that that is a by-product of waiting beyond the designated time to have it cut. You can also tell them that anything beyond two weks is going to cost them extra. You have the right to do that!
  7. mtdman

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    First, I agree with the others, EOWs are a waste of time and not profitable. Most lawns need cutting more often than every 2 weeks, there are very few lawns I've ever seen that could take a cut that seldom. People who want it eow are just cheap. Bottom line. They don't want to pay you to do the work every week, so they try to skate by eow.

    Now, you can try to make up for that by doubling the charge eow. But really, that doesn't always compensate for the extra time spent mowing/cleaning up and the extra wear and tear on the equipment from the longer grass.

    Second, it's your business, you are the boss. If you don't want them tell you when to come, tell them it doesn't work that way. Explain that you mow everyone regularly and on schedule, and the calling when they feel it needs it isn't going to work. If they are too cheap to deal with that, boot 'em.
  8. venecular

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    I have had a few clients like that this year. They are trying to save money and take no consideration the strain it puts on you. You are to them just "the lawn guy" so you have to know when to stand up and not let others take advantage of you.

    You need to explain to them that over a certain amount of time the amount goes up. You need to try to persuade them out of a monthly cut.

    When I cut a lawn weekly, I give really good prices but if it is a bi weekly cut, I go up in price. Personally, I would never to a monthly cut because after the cut it normally looks like crap and that reflects on you. You need to protect your image (your lawns). If they can't understand that then find other lawns.

    There are too much work out there to put up with crap like this.
  9. JimLewis

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    EOW? What's that? Man, I must be out of the loop or something.

    Anyway, I agree with most of the other posts here. I never take on clients like you describe. Every other week clients always suck.

    When I am giving an estimate and the yard looks totally dry, hasn't been maintained well, etc. that's always a HUGE warning sign for me. Now, if they tell me they just moved in and really want to turn the property around that's one thing. But otherwise, it's a sign that they really don't care too much about their lawn. And I've learned that clients like that are not the ones I want to work for.

    The people I want to work for are the ones who want a perfect looking lawn but realize they are just too busy to do it themselves.

    A nice plush green lawn with few weeds and an irrigation system installed is right up my alley. That's the kind of customer who EXPECTS and WANTS me to come each and every week. That's the guy I want to work for.
  10. venecular

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    what is EOW......................

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