What Size And Type Of Mowers To Get.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by superrman77, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. superrman77

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    Been in the business for a few years mainly on the landscape side. Besides a push mower what should a solo lawn care owner purchase for equipment? At this point I am not sure how much business I will have generated by spring. I am thinking a 48" walk behind and a 36" walk behind. I am going to be buying these mowers used. It seems most of the used walk behinds for sale have fixed decks. I think I would prefer the ease of a floating deck for changing adjusting deck. Thanks for the help.
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  2. Valk

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    Just my humble opinion:
    A 30 or 32 might/could/can very well replace your 21. Beyond that, a 48 or 52 will compliment your arsenal very well. Good luck!
  3. scag2015

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    I would definatly go for a 36in walk behind, yeah it woul be great to have a floating deck. But really , the 36 is the all around best machine! (It's also great because you can fit in gates )
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  4. Jcl4slc

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    48" zero turn and 36 walk behind
  5. TPendagast

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    *Walks up to 48 zero turn…cocks pistol…shoots it in engine block*:gunsfirin

    Take the 36 wb

    you can do a lot with a 36.

    you don't need to flood yourself with extra equipment too early.

    IF you have the "don't know feeling" get a 36" wb because you are going to use it for sure.

    If you get run over and the flood gates just open up and you don't know how you will ever keep up?
    step 1) raise prices a little.
    Step 2) if you still need to buy another more productive mower… and you have every reason to at that point (as well as the revenue to justify it)

    If you find a silly good deal on a 48 while your shopping for your 36…you could be a little adventurous/speculative and pick it up...
  6. scag2015

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    Yep!!!, totally agree!
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  7. NoFearSpear

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    That is how me and my son run.
    1 36
    1 30
    2 21's

    We have
    45 eow
    20 ew
    3 banks
    1 box store
    and about 15 that call when they want mowed.
    This will be 2nd year in biz
  8. scag2015

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    Make sure you get a great quality walk behind, because you will always need a walk behind that will preform and last. By the way scag is were it's at your looking at a fine brand:)!
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  9. 205mx

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    Gross WTF
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  10. recycledsole

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    It depends on your clients. A lot of my clients have a 36" gate I have to squeeze through so having a 48" would be useless for me. I don't know if this applies to you or not.
    Floating decks also move up and down with the terrain so they don't scalp. If the lawns have a lot of holes and uneven terrain this might be good. None of my accounts really need it, except 1 area on one of them, which im aware of and don't scalp.
    You should be able to find a good used walk behind, like exmark metro, or exmark turf tracer if you want floating deck / hydro on craigslist. I bought my used 36 metro for $1,500 with 200 hours, it has worked great. I also bought a velke for it so now I don't have to run behind it.
    A lot of people in my area also use scag, they are good too.

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