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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NEAL, May 26, 2001.

  1. NEAL

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    Hi guys I do the snowplow thing to make money in winter but I am thinking about mowing lawn in the summer and getting out of my regular job. To start though I want to secure some jobs and work my regular job. My Question is...If I can only afford to buy one mower what size deck would be most useful? I am totally new to this and do not know what size lawns I will be dealing with but I will assume I will have them all, small fenced in yards and wide open areas. I want to be as big as possible to be efficient but not too big for the small stuff.What size deck do you guys recommend? I think I will be buying a comercial walk behind.

  2. swn

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    I have 48", 52", and a 61" decks. I think that the 52" would be a good size. But I have no idea what size gates you will have to fit through. I do not have to worry about that much were I live. If you will have any large properties, a 36" or 48" will be slow go.
    Good luck.
  3. HOMER

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    48 to start with and a 21" for the gates................just stay away from the ones with gates! The 48 can get through some, not all the time, but it will do great on the front yards and even some open areas.
  4. joshua

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    whatever you get make sure it hydro, you have a great dealer, and i would suggest a 48" or 52" w/b depending on the size of lawns you are looking at.
  5. slabpile

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    depends on what you are working on. probly 42 to 48 is good to start with because i guessing you will not walk right into the nice easy big ones. also get a zrt if you can, you will spend less time there, much make sure to charge enough. If your just starting a word of advice, no one like scubs who are so cheap and under cutting every one else's price by many $$. find out wath the going price is AND STICK TOO IT. here in maine it is only aboout $60 for two guys. other places it is $75 per person.
  6. TJLC

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    IMHO if I could only have two mowers, they would be a 60" ztr and a hydro 36". I feel this would cover most all conditions, be it a gated yard, tight areas, or a big field.
  7. MowForReal

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    Chose your deck size based on the terrain. Chose hydro if you want to spoil yourself(I use a hydro). But, the most important thing is to get the largest engine you can on whatever deck with. 48" is the most popular size because it's plenty wide, and it doesn't scalp too much. 36" will rarely scalp. Anything bigger than 48" should be floating in my opinion to reduce the scalping factor.
  8. Randy Scott

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    I would get a ZTR, not a walk behind. When I went to my dealer and started this whole business my dealer said why would I want a walkbehind, and turns out he is right. It does limit you a little, but so far this being my first year, all my properties are well suited for my ZTR and I actually turned a few properties down because they were small and not suited, much less very desirable to have. In fact, I wish I would have got a 72" rather than a 60". My next mower will be a stander with a 42" or 48" for the smaller areas or properties. It beats walking all day for profits sake and wearing yourself out. Good luck with your decision. Just think about it for awhile and then decide.
  9. casey

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    Depends totally on the size of properties you're doing. If you buy a ZTR and you're doing small to medium, even slightly larger, landscaped properties, you'll have troubles.
    Personally I think the 36 hydro is the most versatile unless you're doing monster props.. You can get into most gates, work around tightly landscaped areas and if you get a big area, put a sulky on it and let 'er fly.

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