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  1. cvlm

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    Hey guys anyone out there pulling an enclosed trailer with a small truck ie. chevy s-10 going to buy an enclosed this year and not sure what size to get i am currently pulling a 5x8 open if you have any pics of small trucks with enclosed trailer hooked to them please post them this would help tremendously thanks.:usflag:
  2. bugspit

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  3. fga

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    my brother in law used to pull a 5 x 8, or 6x8 enclosed with his jimmy no problem.
  4. elshauno

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    You can go as big as 12' tandem though I would think about upgrading trucks next year, Only attempt if you have the 4.3 liter. I'm sporting a 16' open top rail tube steel utilty trailer with no problem on my 96 s10. M make sure you have a brake controller and definitely think about a transmission cooler. If its an auto 4.3 2 wheel drive then it has the max towing capacity for s10's.
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    the 6 1/2 X12s pull real nice and are lighter weight. we use them and hold 1 60" laser and 1 44" laser. a little tight but they fit and are easy to maneuver in tight areas. we use all old silverados to pull them and occasionally a minivan 6 cyl pulls fine new around 2,800

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