What size enclosed trailer should I get?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by StihlBR600, Aug 30, 2012.

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    Im going with a Storm. Ive been going to enclosed trailer dealers in my area and comparing quality of build and features to prices. My other option was an American Hauler. When comparing the Storm and American Hauler side by side i could not justify spending another $1,900 on the American Hauler. It had some nicer things done to it like the whole frame was rubberized and it had two handles on the gate compared to Storms one. But since im ordering it I can have them throw another handle on for free most likely.The frames of the trailers were exactly the same. But the Thing that stood out to me the most was on the Storm they only put rivets every 4 feet compared to American haulers every 16 inches. The AH looked like a pain in the ass to letter and the aluminum sides werent anymore secure than the Storms. Acutally when you banged on the side of the trailer the AH was noisy as hell compared to the Storm. The look of the Storm is so much cleaner.
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    I went with a American hauler this past spring ordered from American trailer mart. It is a good quality trailer and seems to be built very well. I went with the 8.5x18 and wish i would have gotten a 20 footer. Go with the 20' you wont regret it.
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    How is your 20'? How well can you fit mowers? I am wanting a 20' and hoping I don't need a 24'. I have a 60" ztr, 42" wb, and a 48 walker to fit in there with a push mower and all the small equipment. How do you think I am going to be with a 20'?

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