What size enclosed trailer to get?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by exmarkguy123, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. exmarkguy123

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    I am 16 years old and have been steadily growing in the past couple years. I have a 6x10 open trailer but my next step is to move to enclosed. I'm not sure what sizes I should look at. I will need to be able to fit several mowers in the trailer. Any suggestions would be great.
  2. SouthSide Cutter

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    Depends on the size of mowers. I put two Scags a TT and a TC and a 48 Bobcat WB, and a 21 push mower on a 18ft open. And you could do this on a enclosed if you get a large side door. Which most trailer builders will do. But both my Scags are bumper to bumper and they get scuffed up on the paint doing this. So if you like keeping everything waxed and no scratches probably wont work.
  3. Big Wes

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    Buy bigger than you think you need, you'd be surprised how fast you fill 'em.
    I have a 24 foot Pace Summit enclosed and I could use a 30. I guess what I'm trying to tell ya is, buy the biggest trailer you can afford. The bigger the better. Also the longer the trailer the easier it is to back up into your driveway or where ever you need to back up at.

    "Happy Shopping" :):):):)
  4. dougdm

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    I agree with SouthSide. I would stay around the 18' range, but I run only one ztr, and 2 wb's and a 21". Plenty of room and room for clean up cans and stuff. I also like the v-nose. Turn the v-nose into shelving for more stuff storage.
  5. mowerbrad

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    What size mowers will you be putting in the trailer? There is a big difference between 54"/60" ztrs and 36" walk behinds or 21" mowers.

    Yes, bigger is better but only to such a point. A 24' trailer would do me no good as I would be unable to park at many of my accounts. So you need to consider the space you will be working in and storing that trailer at.

    A previous poster had mentioned that longer trailers are easier to backup, which is true. But you obviously need more space with longer trailers, as well. I'm going to need much more space to back up a 40' trailer than a 20' trailer.So don't think that longer trailers are more manuverable. Anything over 14' long or so and you will need to take turns wider. My old 14' trailer would follow my truck great, so I didn't need to make wide turns. But my current 18' trailer definately requires wider turns.

    Are you set on getting an enclosed trailer for any particular reason? Open trailers are much more inexpensive and will do just as much except for keep your equipment out of the elements.

    As far as size goes, going from your 6x10 trailer now, almost anything will be an upgrade. A 7x16 would be a good size or an 8.5x18. Both of those would be much bigger, alomst double the size of your current trailer. They would also allow you quite a bit of room to grow. V-nose style enclosed trailers offer a pretty good sized storage area. The v-nose usually adds about 3' to the length of the trailer, so you could get an 18' trailer with v-nose and you'd actually have 21' of space inside. Building shelves in the v-nose section is a good idea, as you can't really put much equipment there due to the V shape.
  6. exmarkguy123

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    Thanks for all the thoughts! mowerbrad- im going with the enclosed because i live in a neighborhood and simply don't have the space to store all the extra equipment in our extra garage. I would leave everything in the enclosed and take it to a storage facility. As far as size goes, it sounds like the best medium range between space for mowers and manuverablility would be right around the 18ft mark. Thanks for the suggestions!

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