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    one thing i highly recommend is the extended tongue it really helps with turning
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    I've got a 7x16 vnose so in actuality its 7x18. The v nose is nice because all my equipment takes up the 16' part, then my shelves in the 2' "V" hold all my tools, gas cans etc. and are no tin the way of me getting any of my stuff out. I have a 36wb, 52wb, 54ztr, 21wb, little wonder blower and all the blowers trimmers and cans and stuff in there. Everything fits, it's a little on the tight side but everything fits. I went with the 7' wide because there are no wheel wells in your way inside. You have 7' across the entire bottom of the trailer which is easier getting stuff in and out. Also depends on your tow vehicle too, just something to consider. Good Luck!!:clapping:
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    Thanks for all your info guys, I'm leaning towards the 20 ft so ill have some room to grow also I'm going to look tommrow so ill decide then
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