What size is your average lawn?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by swim, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. swim

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    What size is your average lawn?

    As I read all the posts I see how some people do more lawns in one day ( 40 to 100 ). I'm not a young man anymore but I could never have done that many lawns in a day in my area. I know that everyone talks about a tight route as well. When I get to the 1st lawn in the morning they are all within 5 miles of each other and the most I have ever done in one day is 7 or 8 lawns in 8 or 10 hours, and that is busting. I am a one man operation so that is slower than more people but with another helper maybe 14 or 15 but 40 never. I do use a 60in Z and a 52in walk behind for the hills and hard areas. The average of all my lawns the size is 2.5 acres. What about yours?
  2. dkeisala

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    Our lawns are much smaller than that - 2500 sqft to 10,000 sqft. In 8 years the most I've ever done in a day solo is 12, 18 with an employee. That was moving pretty fast and working a 10 hour day in mid-summer (dry conditions and slow growing grass). A typical lawn service consists of mow, edge/trim, blow and some spot spraying.
  3. tiedeman

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    largest lawn we do is about 5 acres, the smallest is approx 5,000 sq ft. The average I would say is 12,000 sq ft.
  4. grass_cuttin_fool

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    most all of mine avg from 40 to 60 thousand sq feet or an acre to an acre and a half, im like you also about 7 or so a day is about it for me
  5. bobbygedd

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    3-6k but as small as 2k, as large as 12k
  6. little green guy

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    average is 1-2 acres some are smaller and a some are 5+ acres but most of them being 1-2. The furthest we usually drive between acounts is about 1/2 mile to a mile, most not even that far, most stops are one stop with a couple houses and then down the block.
  7. lawnman_scott

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    I would say the average is 8000.
  8. twins_lawn_care

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    5,000 to 10,000 is about my range
    one about 15,000 though.

    Sounds like you have some larger lawns, and that's why it would seem outrageous to do 20 in a day.

    good post, I think it puts what everyone is dealing with into perspective.
  9. Roger

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    The initial question is a good one. So many posts talk about how much was done per day, or other similar comments, without any reference to size of lawns. Obviously, some of you have very small lawns (compared to some of us).

    My average size is 20K to 25K sq ft, cutting area. The smallest is 10K (2 of them), but also I have several over 1 acre, largest is 1.8 acres.

    I use a 36" Exmark viking, BR sulky, and a 21" Toro Proline hand mower. About half of them are bagged, but not the large ones. My wife works with me part of the time, and she only uses the Toro (not the w/b, no trimming, blowing, edging, loading/unloading). Covering eight each day is a big day for us.

    P.S. We are "old timers," 62 and 61, so we aren't the swiftest man on the track.
  10. jajwrigh

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    I have done 10 in a day, a few years ago, and I used a 21" mower. It was a sun up to sun down deal....I never did that again!!

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