What size mower deck for 2 acre lot?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tlwmsu, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. tlwmsu

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    I've searched the threads and found some good info, but for my specific case, I'd like some input. A few (10-12) trees, bumpy in spots, and one small, steep slope next to our driveway (that I can do with a push if neccessary). We have a fairly large deck attached to the house, so I'd say mowing area is only about 1.25 to 1.5 acres. Right now, I have a White Outdoor rider with a (I think) 38" deck and 13.5 hp engine. I'd like to speed up the cutting time on our next mower, and am wondering if a zero turn is worth it, and more importantly the deck size. At present, I may be limited in deck size, anyway, due to the width of my utility shed door (only have about 3 or 4 inches to spare with the current mower), but I can address that if I need a bigger deck. Got an Exmark/Hustler dealer about 7 miles from my house that I also have bought 3 Stihl products from (and the White outdoor rider 4 years ago), and they are outstanding. They no longer sell White outdoor or any other riders/lawn tractors. So, given those two brands, do I invest the extra $$$ in a zero turn, or just go to Home Cheapo and get a JD rider with a wider deck than I have now for much less? :confused:

    Thanks for answering question 9,549,390 about mowers in this forum. :usflag:
  2. dvmcmrhp52

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    A zero turn will certainly decrease your cut time however they certainly are more expensive.
    A 52" ZTR with proper horsepower will cut your 1.5 acres in about 45 minutes once you learn to operate it efficiently.

    As far as a JD rider from home despot...........you get what you pay for, it all depends whether you want to buy multiple riders in your lifetime or buy one mower that will last you a lifetime...........
  3. tlwmsu

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    42" instead of 38". The door on my utility shed is 48". :cry:
  4. dvmcmrhp52

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    Put a bigger door on it.................:laugh:
  5. dcondon

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    Buy a 48" com ZTR!!! It will last you a life time and your lawn will look awsome.:)
  6. ken0564

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    you won't have to worry about your door. run you apprx $6k. How much you wanna invest? Gravely makes some lesser expensive machines that will do a fine job as well.
  7. tlwmsu

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    I'm going to seriously consider a Hustler 44" deck w/ Honda 18hp engine. I should still get finished with the lawn quicker just by going from a tractor to a z-turn, right? And, the 44" will fit in the existing shed (I'd have to verify that...the shed might have to be upgraded, too!) :weightlifter:
    Got some brochures today...just need to get the $$$ now. :dizzy:
  8. fishinpa

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    This sounds like a well though out, rational choice. You'll be very pleased with the Hustler product. I bought an MFT this spring, have about 30hrs on it and couldn't be happier about my purchase. It used to take me about 1.5hrs to "push" my .56 acre and now I can completely stripe it in about 40 minutes. I could probably get it done faster but prefer a quality looking job.

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