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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Acres, Jan 31, 2001.

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    I was looking at some information on exmarks the other day and see they are now offering a 31hp gas engine and a 29hp diesel. It seems like the engines get bigger and bigger every year. I have a Lazer Z with the 23hp and it seems to do just fine. My question is what do you think should be the minimum size of engine for a 52” or 60” ZTR? Is there really that much advantage over a 31hp than a 23hp after you consider the added cost to run it? If anyone could shed some light on this subject for me I would be greatly appreciated since I would like to buy another ZTR this year.
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    i ordered mine with a 25 hp kohler. i dont want the added expense, because this is my first rider, but i didnt see the need for any bigger than 25 hp
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    Manufacturers must have felt differently a few years ago. I say the 23 horse you have should be a minimum for a 60", but I like power. I've got a 48" I'd love to have a 23 on. I'll settle for a 17. :D Whatever keeps you happy would be the best answer.

    I am looking at possibly purchasing another ZTR myself. I want the Kawi 27 or Daihatsu 31. I've been told the Daihatsu has more longevity, but don't know anything more than that. My guess is the guy who told me this knows what he's saying because he sold mowers with that engine a few years back. I think both Scag and Bobcat used that engine in the past.

    Sounds as if the the demand has increased for larger engines and more power. I'm glad. I'll pay a little more for a little extra power. I've been on an underpowered mower and it is no fun knowing you are spending twice as long to do your accounts as it should take.

    The gas in the mower is an expense, no doubt. However, I feel the advantages in production outweigh that fractional increase in operating costs. It may be something for you to think about. The one thing that has kept me turning a profit is remembering, at any expense, time is money. Very cliche' but very true!

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    A 20 HP will handle a 60" ZTR, I know, I've had 2 of them. However, more power is nice in a lot of ways. The motor doesn't have to work as hard and it should last longer not working so hard. I feel you never have to much power. My last 60" has a 26 HP diesel and it handles a 60" deck much better.

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