What size skid steer for snow.

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Im looking into buying a skid steer for snow and was wondering if any of you more experienced members could give me some tips on what I need to look for when buying. It seems like just like mowers at 2000 hrs you need to worry about hydros but is there anything else? And is there a brand that stands out in quality? Ive used bob cat before and those seemed good


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How much do you want to spend?

I just bought a Case SV280 with 116 hours on it from Arctic at a really good deal.

Arctic buys 300 to 400 machines each year, uses it for one season....then sells them at a big discount. Arctic ends up buying another 300 to 400 machines each year...which gives them a big discount plus huge write offs.

Arctic has been buying the last few years from Case....which is a very good machine. You get almost a two year warranty through Case. And the only catch is if you want to buy an extended warranty...you need to buy it before the original warranty expires.

Otherwise you've got a 1 year and 1/2 factory warranty.

I've used my skid steer for moving trees, rocks, and gravel this year....and now getting ready for winter.

SV280 is a large frame machine....can lift 2800 pounds and has a very large breakout force.....just don't know it off the top of my head.

The skid steer has a huge time saver when it came time to remove the trees. I can not explain what a huge help it was picking up these huge stumps and we were able to fill the dump trailer twice in 3 hours....including dumping.

It's a very useful machine....but you'll get stuck buying attachments....since they become so handy with every job you tackle.

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I can’t stand a foot pedal skid steer. The joystick ones are way nicer to use. I ended up buying a Kubota M59 and not a skid steer but I’d have probably bought a SLV75. My tow rig could have handled a 95 no problem but it was quite a bit more $$. Personally I’d buy the biggest one you can move or afford whichever is the limiting factor.
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