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What size tank?


LawnSite Member
Cheyenne, WY
I just passed my pest. test a couple weeks ago. I am starting to look at spraying units. I'm leaning towards a 200 or 300 gal. turfmaster unit with a 4 hp honda, D30 pump, electric reel with 300' 1/2" or 400' 3/8" hose with a spray systems lawn gun. Like I said I just got licensed and am not familiar with all the products yet. I am wondering how much I can expect to spray with a 200 or 300 gal tank. When I talked to a local supplier he said to apply liquid aps. correctly you would need a 100 gals. per acre. I thought this was a little high, but like I said I'm not to familiar with all the products yet.

Thanks for your help,


Tony Clifton

LawnSite Senior Member
North Carolina
I would recommend taking a look at the products you will be using, reading the labels, and then figuring out what you will need. We use a 100gal unit, and can spray 100,000 acres with it. Our rate is 1 gal per 1000 square feet, it works well for us. The reason we got the 100 gal tank is that it was slightly less expensive, and we figuredc when we got to the point where we needed a larger tank we would keep the smaller one on the truck and use it for insecticide and fungicide applications. I am not sure what brand the pump is but it is electric and has worked great, we run wire from the battery on the tank to the battery on the truck to keep it charged, be sure to put an inline fuse close to the battery on your truck if you do this though.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Pinckney, MI
I have a 500 gallon sprayer on a Ford F450 (check it in the classifieds on this site). I plan on purchasing a Zspray unit and switching directions toward a granular based program. Anyway, I apply 80 gallons per acre through a Lesco/Chemlawn gun with a yellow tip. That nets me about 5.85 acres per tank. This often brings me back halfway through the day to fill up when I am doing 1 acre = lawns. I know I could spray a hotter mix, but this is what I am comfortable with. My pump is a Hypro 1550 centrifugal doing about 180 gpm, which really rocks the sparger/jet agitation. I find this to be the best way to get urea and other water soluble ferts into a suspenion and keep it there.