What size tire on trailer should I have.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mad_wrestler, Dec 15, 2005.

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    As you can see in my signature I have a 16' X 8' double axle trailer. Supposedly 3500# axles. How do you tell what the actual capacitance of the axles are and what size tires should I be using? A guy had mentioned that my tires were too small and weren't intended for the heavy loads. Any help would be appreciated....Thanks
  2. Jason Rose

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    5 lug are generally 3500# axles. P rated tires are fine for lighter trailers like that. If you want a little better durabliity you can look into tires that are specifically rated for trailers. I run P 215/75R/15 tires on mine. I went with the less sidewall to lower the trailer a bit. 235's make the trailer just sit a bit too high and my mowers have more chance to drag on the gate hinge.
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    on the side of the tire it should tell the weight capacity of the tire at a certain air pressure. Im not sure about the axle there may be a tag on the axle that gives that info. I have a tandem trailer rated for 7000 lbs. I usually haul about 2500 lbs plus the weight of the trailer. I will probably use an automotive tire when I replace them just because of the price and longer life of a radial vs a bias tire. I carry a Z (1000 lb) a walkbehind(600 lb) 21'' mower, wb edger, 3-4 trimmers, bp blower, hand blower, hedge trimmers, chainsaw

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