What size tractor or minimum horsepower should I look for?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Tonset, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Tonset

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    IMG_0899.PNG IMG_0897.PNG IMG_0896.PNG I just purchased some acreage with about 40 acres of grazing land that I might need to mow a couple times a year. I will need a tractor for snow removal, horse stall mucking, arena grooming, and general ranch work. I'm thinking a budget of 6-10k for older used. New stuff out of the question right now. I like the old Farmall tractors but they seem too small for what I need unless someone can chime in with experience? What attachments for arena care? Sorry not a horse person but I want to maintain the facility as its seen in photos and possibly board animals someday. Seller of property doesn't live in the country anymore and hasn't maintained the property at all this year. They are using power of attorney to sell it so no help from them on this subject.
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  2. Mdirrigation

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    Nice spread . You may just want to pose that question on tractorbynet.com . I wouldn get anything smaller than 35 hp with a loader and 4 wheel drive , I prefer hydrostat . Your price range will limit you . Good luck
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    Man that's living, wishin I was your neighbor, down the road of course
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    Mdirrigation is the tractor man.
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    what he said
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    Okay that's great! I had a JD 4200 years ago but I think that was 26hp. It was good for some things but definitely not pulling implements. I'm looking at an IH 560 this week. The new neighbors all have big tractors with cabs and look new. I gotta imagine the cabs are needed for winter work. I need to save up for something better a few years from now and just need to get by for now. Need to tough it out. I was out there today, I'm not going to miss suburban life.
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    look at some of the auction sites , but it can be a roll of the dice
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    They've got a ton of auction tractors and other farm equip. I've bought 1 tractor and some loader forks on there.
  9. GoPappy

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    You're going to find that you need two tractors: A smaller one for the close-up work in paddocks, etc., and a larger one for mowing and other larger chores. A 35hp tractor will only run a 5' or 6' brush hog (depending on the actual PTO hp), and mowing 40 acres with a 5' or 6' brush hog will get old quickly.

    Your budget is too low. In addition to the tractor, you have to buy implements. Heck, an area groomer alone will use up over half of your budget.
  10. Bryan27

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    Mowing 40 acres in horse and cattle country is throwing money down the drain. Let someone cut hay off of it for free if you have to. A small ford 8N would do 99 percent of what you want to do for about $1500-2500 all day long.
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