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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by cody bishop, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. cody bishop

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    i am 15 and I am planning to buy a trailer for my equipment in the next few years I want to have room for a stand on mower a 24 inch push mower some hand tools string trimmer back pack blower and occasionaly just the stand on and a lawn tractor what size enclosed trailer should I go with
  2. rclawn

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    7’x16’ I think this is the best size for multiple reasons. Easy to backup larger trailer, more capacity in terms of space and gvwr, and can be used for a variety of jobs. No matter what, get a dual axle, if one tire blows you aren’t risking catastrophe. Would be bad to have a blowout on a single axle trailer if you had commercial mowers on there...Plus you will find you outgrow space rather fast as business picks up. Welcome to LS
  3. R&ROutdoorservicesofMI123

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    It all depend on how big you want your business, if you want to expand what size the mowers. if you have a your riding mower and your walk behind are between 36 and 53 I would get a a 7'x16' but if you have smaller mowers I would get a 5'x10'.

    Bob Nelson
    Owner of R&R Outdoor Services of Michigan
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  4. Balrog

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    Dual axles are rare & expensive near me. Singles are very common and affordable. Seems the duals are sized for heavy equipment (bobcats & loaders, oh my!)
    Suggestions on make/models to look for?
  5. TColemanP

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    8' wide x 20' long is my recommendation. You can fit pretty much any combination of mowers and still have room. Any time you think you need a certain size trailer, go ahead and get the next size up.

    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    My 14 ft open serves me well for mowing as a solo op.
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  7. Todd73

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    I have a 5x10 open. Looking at 14 or 16 now. The 5 x 10 will get real small real quick. Get bigger than you think you need because your needs will probably change.
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  8. S-205

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    What you're towing the trailer with makes a big difference too. Most people will tell you to get the biggest trailer you can afford. If you're truck can tow it, you'll love it. Don't be overly worried about its size, you learn where you can and can't go. Unless your route is in really tight spaces.
    I started with a 6x12, it fit my Exmark 60", my 36" walk behind and a push mower. So it was a good size for solo guy. Eventually I got a 7x16 open, then an 8x16 enclosed, now I have a 22' open. You'll always want a bigger trailer.
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  9. knox gsl

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    Don't forget the room to walk around equipment and room for a few barrels to hold trimmings and debris.
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  10. AL's

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    This ^^
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