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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by littlepopelp, Mar 3, 2002.

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    hi everyone, iam 16 years old and mow about 25 lawns and have a 48in bobcat a 33in troy bilt (pos) and 2 toro push mowers and weed wackers, blowers....ect. im not sure what size trailer to get i really want a 6x12 (weighs 750lbs.) but i only have a 1996 4 cylnder s10 which has trouble hauling its self already. what is the biggest size size trailer do you think i could get with out hurting my truck and also being able to pull the trailer on the highway. i will be putting around 1000-1500 pounds on it. thanks for the advice im hoping to get
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    welcome to lawnsite! a s-10 can handle a 6x12 with a mower or two on it and a few push mowers no problem, after that u might be getting into trouble. Also try the search, many people of all ages have asked this question reguarding what a 4 cyl truck can pull.
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    Anyone will tell you that pulling is not always the problem...you also need to be able to stop the load. Be sure to get brakes on the trailer.
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    I hate to turn this into a pissing match but I have to, Have you ever driven a Chevy S~10 Scott? or drove one with a 6.5x16' tandem landscape trailer? or a 6x12 that you "recomend" ?

    I own a 87 S~10 with the 2.5 inline four cylinder 4 speed stick 4.56 rear axle ratio. (for towing) I have pulled a 6.5x16' tandem axle landscape trailer with mine and the trailer had a 3000 pound load on it. A S~10 is not a race truck, it will get the job done if you keep the engine in it's peak power rpm range 2800-4900 rpm brakes on a trailer are a must, get them on both axles. They (s-10's) can handle a 6.5'x 14' if it has tandem axles with brakes on both axles. They are good trucks, but I am glad that I bought a 1 ton last week. Just the assurance that I can stop a 16' landscape trailer with 6000 lbs on it without trailer brakes if they stop working was worth the cost of the truck. ~NaTe
  5. There is the best thing I have seen written in a while.

    S10 4 banger it will, but how much insurance do you have?

    Read this, we are having a trailer weight discussion.

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    nate, whats up with all the personal attacks? every post i have made lately u have to come back with a personal attack? this guy posted the question asking our advice, i gave it. CAN YOU PLEASE STOP WITH THE ATTACKS?

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    what ever size you buy, you should be able to haul it. i bought some after-market horsepower boosters, and some helper spings to haul more wiehgt.
  8. Pardon the interruption, but what is an after market horsepowers booster?

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    anything that can increase you horsepower. For instance i have a K&N FIPK air flow system(16hp & 18 tq gain), ADS horsepwer chip (25hp & 30tq gain), FlowMaster Exhaust (12hp & 15tq gain). This is basically anything you can add to your truck to get more horsepower and torque.
  10. Hahahaha, I thought you ment like a B&M roots blower. LMAO.


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