What size walk behind?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Isenberg Lawn Care, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Hey, new to the forum but been reading along for quite some time, and finally joined. Looking for some input from you all that may have encountered the same thing...looking to buy my 1st walk behind and curious about deck size. Not sure what size to buy...was thinking a 36" mostly because yards surrounding me may not look so hot with anything bigger than 36. Plus mainly another reason is to get into gates and such. But I kind of figure that if I need anything bigger than 36" then that is what I will use a midmount ztr for. Any words of wisdom? I think 36" would prob look best for looks. Im currently using 22 inchers, and for my area it works quite well, but Im ready to move up to bigger and better opportunities.

  2. Isenberg Lawn Care

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    Annnnd I am gonna open a can of worms askin this im sure, but belt drive or hydro? I know hydro is better...but will I hate myself forever if I dont get a hydro?
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    Do you have a lot of gated yards? If you do then definatley go for a 36. If you dont have many gated yards and only have a few that arent too big I would suggest looking at a 48 and using the 22 inch you currently use for back yards. Just my .02
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    How many lawns? What is the terrain like?
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    Are they mostly smaller residential? If so I'd go with a belt drive 36" that's what I used my first year. They're cheaper than a hydro and easier to maintain. Yeah they don't have a true reverse but if you're in fairly good shape you'll have to problem throwing it around.
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    Sounds like u have it figured out to me... 36" are still productive on yards that have a gates but what I would do I look at getting a 48" ztr and keep the 22" for those yards that have the small gates that way you are pretty much still staying pretty productive
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    I own a 36" Hustler Trimstar. It fits through gates and is very productive in open areas as well. It is hydro. It also is not a pistol grip. I have operated pistol grip before and with the Hustler there is no hand fatigue.

    Think of it this way. If you have a lot that is 50' wide and you run a 36 it will take you right at 20 passes to cut it. A 48 will cut the same area in 16 passes. That same lot cut with a 21 will take 36 passes. To me it was worth more to replace the 21 with the 36 than keeping a 21 and replacing my 42 ZTR with a 48. Only you know what yards your service and what direction you want to take your business. You need to look at all the facts and make a decision that best suits you.
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    Hey sry everyone, Im new like I said and am havin heck of a time trying to figure this forum reply stuff out...but hopefully this post goes through. I appreciate the replies. The terrain varies where I am. I want to get a walk behind but I already know that due to hills and tight awkward spots I will never be able to be without a push mower. So Ill always have one on-board the trailer. But I dont like using credit so I think Im gonna do my darn-dest to save up and pay cash for a walk behind. Im set on a 36"...I think, and I will be getting a 52" or else a 60" Lazer Z for the bigger stuff. Ive been looking for a zero turn and I think I have convinced myself to upgrade my trailer so I can get a 60" deck this time. My old tractor was a tiny 42" but Ill tell ya what, it got the job done. Im a firm believer that any type of equipment will do the job if its maintained properly and frequently. I want to hold out a little bit longer so I can see the bids coming up this next year to see whats out there before I make the final decision of if the 52" will be suffice or if the 60" is needed.
  9. Isenberg Lawn Care

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    What do you think of your 36" Proline T-Bar? I found one in excellent shape for $2500 But read elsewhere to stay away from Toro Proline. Looked like a fine piece of equipment to me. Your thoughts?
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    Sry that was directed for Kidmows about the Toro Proline. But if anyone has a 36" of any brand feel free to tell your opinion of it please.

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