What size walk behind?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Isenberg Lawn Care, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Isenberg Lawn Care

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    Do you like the Hustler? And I totally agree with what you said about getting a 36" walk behind and then upgrading the ztr.
  2. hi_speedreed

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    Yes. I like it so much I am thinking of adding the 52 instead of getting a ztr. The operation is very easy and like I stated previously there is no hand fatigue like with a pistol grip. You should go look at one. Even if they don't have a 36, the controls are the same on all the sizes.

    here is my review thread http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=381106

    here is my picture thread http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=379221

    The thing I like most about it is it's control are so similar to a ztr, you can stop without squeezing both controls like a pistol or ecs and you can also operate with only one hand.
  3. Isenberg Lawn Care

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  4. hi_speedreed

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  5. Tharrell

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    You are on the right track by starting with a 36.
    The ideal combo for a solo is a 36 WB and a 52 or 60 Z.
    You can do a lot with the 36, I did it that way.
    Now, you can use the belt drive but, you just don't know how much faster and easier the hydro is. It's like a quantum leap to me.
    The power in a hydro is all weather, meaning, dew won't make the drive system slip. They hold hills much better.
    Also, the ability to back up instantly is tremendous.
    As far as Hustler goes, I'm getting 2 of the 36" next spring.
    I have 5 WB's now, 32, 2x36 all 3 gear drive, 48 and 52 hydro.
  6. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    As long as you can get a 36" through most of the gates, then get a 36". Followed by a 52" stand-on mower, (scag, exmark, toro) because they are lighter and usually faster than a ztr. As well as priced less, not much, but around $1000 less.

    I have a Toro t-bar proline 36" and I love it. I have a side bagger and gator blades on the mower and it did great at picking up leaves for me this Fall. I am selling it and going to buy a new one next season. It's on the delaware Craigslist.

    I used a pistol grip Exmark Metro 36" my first year and the hand fatigue was horrible after a full day of mowing. The Toro also had a much better cut, but the Metro was beat up.

  7. Nate'sLawnCare

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    For not much more than a brand new walk behind, there's a 36 inch Ferris Evolution ZTR for sale in the classifieds. It has 6 hours and would be great for yards with gates, much faster than a WB.
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  8. herler

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    You guys are shooting yourselves in the foot dumbing yourselves down trying to stay small in the deck size department, the size of the job is where you need to start small and work your way up but not when it comes to deck size, here the bigger the better, no f'ing around in this department. Dang three foot decks are a joke, maybe as a specialty machine for certain odd jobs but never for a main line mower.

    I would never buy a Wb with anything smaller than a 40" deck, that's the absolute smallest Walk Behind I would ever throw thousands of hard-earned dollars at and I'd really prefer a 44" to 48" or so, what are we trying to do here, they hardly cost more, want to waste money or get the job done?

    As for Ztr's the same thing applies, you want to get the job done, I wouldn't get nothing smaller than a 52" and I'd really prefer a 60"
    You're spending 8 or 10 thousand dollars and you want a "small" deck?
    Don't kid yourself, for that kind of money I'd get a mower that can tackle some GRASS!
  9. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    It all depends on the size of the property, I picked up 4 lawns this year with my 36" Toro because the previous season a large company used their 52's and 60's to make a few passes. In that smaller area they were causing ruts and turfing in the corners, all 4 lawns were different established companies. I could have used a 52" and gone slower than my 36", but their isn't much time saving(5 mins per lawn). With that extra time I spent my 36" gave them a nicer cut and it looks better having 9 passes with a 36" than 4-5 passes with a 52". And yes, you can say that a 36" is specializing, its specializing in cut quality over production, by about a lawn a day. I'd rather keep my customers and spend a few more minutes on their lawn and talk to them for a couple mins if their home.

  10. Darryl G

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    I think a 48 inch walk behind is the most versatile. It's small enough to mow 5,000 square foot lots and big enough to mow 1 acre lots. It will also fit in the back of a pickup truck. Add a sulky if you're doing a lot of larger yards. If you have a lot of large gated back yards I'd go with something smaller though. I'd go hydro...all of my mowers are electric start and hydro, even my 21 incher. It's not just about reverse...it's about having infinite control of your ground speed, being able to really control your machine with just your hands.

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