What size walk behind?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Isenberg Lawn Care, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Don't kid yourself and think you know how best to run anyone's business but your own. You have found the best setup for you. The OP was asking about a 36 due to gated lawns and wanting to upgrade from a 21. Since he does not want to use the 21 anymore he needs a machine that will fit through gates. Your setup will not work for him.

    To the OP:

    You have to get what works best for you. If you have lots of gates and are tired of using the 21 then a 32 or 36 are going to be your options. Think about the direction you want to take your business. I did and came to the conclusion that, while it would be very nice to a 48WB and a 60ZTR it was not what I needed. The 36 is my main mower. It fit for me because I do not have lots of wide open areas to mow. Most of mine are gated city lots. I do have one very large property but that is it. Actual mow time there is 60 minutes. If I had a 60 ZTR I would be done in about 36 minutes. Those 24 lost minutes are more than made up for in my ability to use the 36 in gated areas that require others to use a 21.
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    It really depends where in Pennsylvania you are located..Places out west and up north might have bigger gates I cant tell you Ive never been there, but on the eastern part of the state around Philly, Del and Most of all South Jersey anything with a chainlink fence has a 36 inch gate and you will not fit a 36" w/b threw one, beings most are actually 37-38" wide.. a 32" just scrapes by in most cases.. Just something to think about. I cut alot in Jersey/Philly and
    I see absoutaly no use for a 36" mower in this area..for the simple fact that you know a 32 will fit EVERYWARE Plus a 36 isnt much if any faster then a 32 on most small lawns. when you get to the point you need a biger mower then a 32 its time to go straight to a 48. Unless Im going into a gate i dont use anything smaller then a 48 even on 500sf and they look just fine.

    Trust me Ive seen guys with 36"ers on the trailer breaking their balls pushing a backyard because there shiney new machine dosnt fit. for every 15 minutes pushing a 22inch equals about 2 minutes on a 32

    Hydro vs belt- Unless you plan on cutting in alot of wet conditions,Or in a rain storm lol. I perfer the cost savings and simplicity of beltdrives. I think I would only get a hydro on a bigger maching that I was planning on pulling a Sulky with. side note, t-bar belt drives feel like a hydro minus the instant reverse

    As far as Toro T-bar is concerned I love them and have a belt drive 62" and its a pleasure to use over pistol grips real comefortable. I honestally dont know if Ill ever go back to belt drive pistols again..but I think the t-bar only really shines on the bigger machines 48" and above, Mabye 36 and above..Something small like a 32 I would much rather have pistol grips because they really allow you to strong arm the machine. You have a lot of levarage with pistols that you lose with other drive designs.with a machine that light you can basically put it anyware and do anything with it
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    From my own experience definitely a 36 for gates, hydro is great, but not needed for the first year.
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    Okay, I think we have all come to the conclusion on the main questions. Now I will change everything up.

    I have several 40" wooden fences that I mow. I can squeeze my 36" Toro t-bar through their gates, but why make it a pain. I have talked with each and everyone of my customers and they have all let make a section of their fence removable. Spend 15 minutes on each property in the preseason or on a day when your not working and removal one section of fence(does not work for gates, so don't try).

    Their are several different methods of connection that you could do.

    The first would be to a bracket that looks similar to an upside-down "h". You drill two or four of these brackets onto the posts going into the ground and then the 2x4's that run length wise on the section will slide in.

    A second way is to use a male/female bracket to hook the fence section back into the posts, this way may look more discrete depending on what brackets you can find.

    Make sure you mark where the brackets should go before you remove the section of fence.

    If anybody has an thoughts or ways that they do it, feel free to share.

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    That's gotta be kind of rough on the mower. I can't imagine my customers being very happy about me mowing their fence. :p :laugh:
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    :clapping::) Nice

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    Yes I now know from some help from a few of you that it all boils down to what works best with my application. Being the area I am in and the types of properties, a 36" will be perfect. And hydro most likely. I just know for my area, customers will not be happy with tracks/path of a 48" or 52" cut. A 36" will look great.
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    Yeah, it depends on your area. My 48 is on the small side for my area. I have a 52 inch ZTR too. A lot of guys in my area don't have anything smaller than a 60 inch ZTR on their trailers. What amazes me is that they string trim anything that they can't get with their mower, which includes some narrow side yards and fenced in areas. I don't care how good you are with a trimmer, you just can't get the same cut quality as you can with a mower. I don't currently have anything that I need a 21 inch mower for but I do have one and I'll use it if I need to.
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    Get a 72 Scag WB with dual 22 inch tires per side and put a 44 Generac on it and that ought to do it. :)

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