What size walk behind?

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    I have a 34'' stand on. best of both worlds I guess, fits in gates yet hauls ass in the open, does have some cons as well. also in my opinion the proline decks were one of the best. we ran a 44'' proline walk behind and it cut and striped way better than the turbo force 52''

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    We use 2 36" WB (one is a Toro and one is an Exmark Metro). Both have the Kawi engines. Flawless. We also have a WB 48 with a Kawi engine. And that one is flawless, too. The 48 is 3 years old, and has not needed any major parts, or even blade bearings yet - although one spindle is starting to get play in it. (Do you guys rebuild yours or do you just buy new spindles?)
    We also use a 22" push mower because of some areas that are too tight for even the 36. And some areas are just impossible to get to with my 36 (enclosed by small gates, RR tie, or rock walls)

    Also, we're looking into getting a Bobcat 36 with a 16hp Kawi today, as we are not fans of the ECS handle system, and all of the WB Exmarks are coming with them. Exmark will be losing us as a customer. Our 1st mower was a WB 36 with CHAIN-DRIVE. And THAT drive was unstoppable. Then they changed over to belts, and nothing but problems when it's wet - I guess we'll have to upgrade to a hydro system.

    We had a Wright Stander 36, but I have gotten nothing but complaints from my clients, so we are back to walking. That mower sucked IMO. It did not stripe that good, didn't cut that great, and turning without digging up the grass was a definite learning curve. The hydro drive was real nice, and you could go through some wet grass, as long as you didn't mind turning it to mud, sinking, and leaving mud-stripes on their grass. Had it for 10 years, developed arthritis in my left foot, and a plantar fasciitis in my right foot....Stander was sold! Back to walking.
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