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I am currently looking at either a 48" or a 52" Exmark tthp. What size offers a better cut. I know the 52" has 2 anti-scalp wheels on the rear while the 48" does not. Will the 48" be less likely to scalp. I'm confused on this one guys.


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Personally I would go with a 52. That is my mower of choice for many reasons. First off, 48 isn't that much smaller then a 52 so I don't see any advantages of getting the smaller one when you can save time with the bigger one. Neither one of them are going to be able to fit through gates so that won't be an issue here. I'm not sure on the difference in quality of cut, but I know that my 52's cut real good. Is the 48 you mentioned above a floating deck? If it isn't then yes, it will scalp more.


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You should check out the Great Dane Gateway!! I have one and it's great. 52" cut but left side of the deck folds up so you can go through 36" gates. Go through, drop the wing and mow at 52". It has a 22 hp Kohler, so it's a hoss.

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