What Size ZTR Deck???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jon S, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. Jon S

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    I am looking to buy a new Kubota ZTR. What size decks do you guys like? I am trying to decide between a 60" or 72" deck. What is the most practical all around deck? Thanks....

    Jon S.:confused:
  2. BSDeality

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    practical depends on your lot sizes, if you're doing wide open spaces, then the 72" will get you done that much faster than a 60" and the stripes will look better than 2x as many small stripes from 36" deck.

    obstacles like playgrounds, wells, and flowerbeds have to be negotiated and it may be too large.
  3. Allgreen

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    from PA
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    Depending on the size of the lawns you mow (I am sure they are big) I would go with the 72".....It will get you done faster so you will have more time to do other lawns, thus making you more money. Plus why wouldn't you go with the 72"?
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    Ahhh......The age old deck size issue. Well, many will say there is no substitute for deck size to get more production. In my opinion, it really depends on the person, the accounts and the terrain.

    When I 1st started Z shopping, I was looking for the smallest deck I could find. Then after looking at the minor money difference, I thought hey, bigger is better. But I knew for sure that a 72" was too much for me. So I started looking a 48" to 60" decks.

    After a bit of shopping I decided I liked a few 52" and several 60" models. This was because I was looking at deck width v/s rear track width for trim ability.

    Well, I demoed both sizes and I couldn't see a real difference in job times (start to finish) between the two. Plus coming from a 2" deck, I found out quick that there were a lot of places I couldn't squeeze into anymore and the wider the deck, the crappier the cut on rolling terrain since all the machines had rigid frames. So I settled on the 52" deck size with some remorse.

    Thankfully, I finally found a 48" mower with some trim ability (about 3" per side). I put this mower in the field and found that their were many productive advantages for me. I had nowhere much that I couldn't go and very few ditches I couldn't mow clean. The narrower deck produced a cleaner, more even cut on uneven terrain. The trim helped out with really getting close in many ways you may not be thinking of. Plus the overall shorter length (in my case) with the smaller deck made the machine much more maneuverable and more productive in tight areas.

    So in short, don't overlook the smaller deck just yet. Put some effort into the demos on both sizes and see how it turns out. For me, overall, the smaller deck was the more productive choice. The only downside for me is "if" I ever want to go after a huge, wide open account, I'll be adding a 72" to the wish list.
  5. Runner

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    All great points, and I find the 60" deck the most universal and useful in size. The 72's are just too much deck for many applications, and CERTainly don't cut as nice. It's funny just how much a difference in marking 12" can make.

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