What skid steer has the most standard parts

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by miacharger, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. miacharger

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    Since Bobcat machines are known for having a lot of proprietary parts, which loader has the most standard or generic valves, bearings, seals and other wear points? It seems like a lesser known manufacturer could have purchased the components, and designed the loader around them instead of everything from the ground up. The older machines seemed to be this way, but I am thinking of the ones made in the last 20 years.
  2. greenerdreams

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    I have mustang skid steer and I have bought many parts from NAPA over the years. Partly because the dealer is small and far away, partly because my napa is great. The machine is very simple and easy to work on. I am not sure if the new ones are as universal. BTW when I have needed parts immediately, my local bobcat dealer has been able to find alternatives for my machine that worked fine.
  3. iowacatman

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    Don't know for sure, miacharger, but my vote is for Thomas (eh)
  4. gammon landscaping

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    why want a machine that is mismatch out of what ever they could find. get a cat. every piece on a cat was design for durabilaty and long geventy. they don't settle for the standard they make it right the first time, with out being limited by what it costs. and the product shows this.

    now the only down side is if you don't have a cat dealer close, mine is about 2 miles from our shop so this is a plus for me
  5. Tigerotor77W

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    gammon, while I am thrilled that Cat products have done well for you, I would suggest that parts generality not be the first priority in mialandscape's SSL purchase... dealer support should be higher than that.
  6. Squizzy246B

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    The bloke from Iowa has it. When it comes to making a machine from non-dedicated parts Thomas would be the leader. These days it is rare that a machine/car/truck actually has any significant proportion actually new and dedicated to one model. I don't know of anybody who has custom sized bearing types...cept maybe Mercedes...for production machinery. I can go down the road with a lot of Cat parts and get the same or replacement part off the shelf...Bosch...Nippon Denso....NSK.. the list goes on. Whilst Bobcat uses "someone else's" engine I would think that a pretty high proportion of a Bobcat is machine/series specific. They are are after all one of the few "dedicated" skid manufacturer's.

    Naval Architects rarely design a new hull...they just get an existing design and tweak it to suit.
  7. miacharger

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    I was actually asking a question that a friend has asked me. For a while I was in landscape maintenance and irrigation, but got out of the business recently due to a lack of quality workers and a frivolous lawsuit. Lately I have been offered to buy a struggling hardware store and tool rental business and one of the problems they had was with CAT skid steers and how bad the dealer treated them. I also have a personal Mustang 1700 that I get standard parts for and even the M-610 isn't too hard to keep running. There are a few places I know that rent Thomas loaders and have recommended them to me. This is hypothetical now, as I am debating whether to buy the hardware or a tree farm instead. It all comes down to how MOTIVATED the sellers are.
  8. ksss

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    Yes Squizzy I believe you are correct. Although it might be nice to think that CAT or Deere or CASE built each component themselves. Truth is they (OEM) puts out a spec on a given component and they fill it with what is available on the open market typically. A balancing act is performed with each spec component. Availablility, COST, durability, functionality. There is not a lot about any skid steer which proprietery. The design of course, the assembly and after that it depends largely on whos machine it is. The engine may be their own (CAT, Deere, CASE, Volvo, NH) or it may not (Gehl, Bobcat, TK Thomas). The hydrualics are all off the shelf stuff. So are the electronics. This sounds nice in theory Quote from Gammon " every piece on a cat was design for durabilaty and long geventy. they don't settle for the standard they make it right the first time, with out being limited by what it costs. and the product shows this" Sounds great but that is not reality. They "make" very little, most is from outside vendors. You could not afford a CAT skid steer that was 100% made from CAT components. Nobody could or would.
  9. Squizzy246B

    Squizzy246B LawnSite Senior Member
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    There is a lot of parts you can find in a skid that you will find on other machines from the same maker. I suppose after the frame which ismachine design specific the rest is generally proprietry stuff save for the intracies that skids pose by way of being so small.
  10. gammon landscaping

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    well lets look at cat there electronics. all the wiring harness plugs are propritary so that you can take the wires out of the plugs or add in if you need to. hydrulics to my knowledge they are the only manufacture that produces hydraulic lines that you can reuse the ends so that you dont have to buy parts you already have, you just have to buy the hose that busted. while i am sure that the spec this stuff out but about every thing that you look at on one has ideas and peices that are designed for end user value. i under stand that the may not make it all in house but it is designed from there enganeers for there products. the experance that i have is not from one skid it is from the thirty years my father has had running cat equipment. we have a 941b loader that has 40,000+ hours on it. and he has tried off brand replacement parts and have seen them fail, when you go ahead and get the cat stuff you don't have to second guess it later if there is a problem. the only cat parts that he ever had a problem with is the original undercarrage. the pads on the tracks were crap and they all broke , but the up side is that cat replaced every one each time they broke till he had a new set of pads. if you ever have looked in a cat techs tool box you will notice boxes and boxes of stuff that sat cat. this is because there stuff is not advance store stuff but tools made for the special compontes that only cat uses

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