What software do you use?

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  1. Cleancut59840

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    We use Jobber. It has worked well and increases our revenues considerably! Much more efficient than Gopher ever was for us. And we only pay 39 per month. Tech support is always quick and effective when we need it as well!
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    This https://www.managemart.com/lawncare is a great software package and the support is quick and attentive. Provides frequent relevant updates and is responsive to suggestions that make your life simpler. Its easy to learn and pretty intuitive as it is developed by someone with a lawn business history. Free Trial available. The low monthly fee is under $20.00 per month updates included. I find it to be a no-brainer and couldn't be happier with it. Take a look ! Give it a try !
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  3. jbell36

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    I started off with a basic version of quickbooks. Quickbooks is a good general accounting program, but it's just that, too general. I switched to gopher in 2008 or something like that. It's a great program, one of the best if not the best in it's price range. It invoices and schedules, two of the most important features needed in a software. That being said it has its limitations, and the newest update isn't superb, but at least it now allows you to email customers straight from the program.

    SAP I would say is by far, leaps and bounds, over anything else. If we were to ever switch, that's what we would go to. It does EVERYTHING. It's just hard to go from paying a one time fee of $200 I believe to paying $200 a month. However, it definitely does more than gopher, not even in the same category. I would say the number one benefit would be storage is online, it's not on your hard drive, so if your computer got stolen, had a fire, tornado, etc., you wouldn't be SOL.
  4. Gman2310

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    Ive used groundskeeper for like 8 years, nice simple program to use. Switched to jobber and found jobber overly complicated and switched back to groundskeeper. Only problem i have with groundskeeper is that its not web based, so we use logmein to access our records, and thats the other positive ur records are yours forever, we lost a year of data when we left jobber
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  5. beeg86

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    Yardbook is a decent option out there and it's free
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  7. Texas*Golf*Bum

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    I've been using Gopher for eight years. Have looked at others, even tried a couple but too much work and confusing to move our customers over. We are not too large, only about 240 customers.

    Anyone know of something simple and easy to set up like Gopher that is cloud base, gps, routing, link to our websit, and support to transport all our data?

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