What special features/gadgets are on your open trailer?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tomo, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. tomo

    tomo LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hello , building a trailer and would appreciate any ideas .Post pics if u can .
    Eg powder coating ,galvinising ,LED lights , different types of lift assist ,lowriding trailers ,step up hitch mounting ,ramp desgn etc etc etc

    tomo:waving: :waving:
  2. salopez

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    I put pallet fork tubes under the frame. Its very nice to have.
  3. RockSet N' Grade

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    Wha kind of trailer are you building and what is it to be used for? I have a trailer for my track-hoe and mounted underbody boxes, put a floor and top for long tool storage in the tongue area, trailer is rated at 20,000 lbs but had them put in 12K axles just to be on the safe side. All my lights are led. My fold down ramps are not spring assist and am planning to do that real soon.....those suckers are heavy. Most trailer companies just shoot a coat of black paint on the metal and call it good.....I sat and watched them sand, prime with ferrous metal primer and then paint my rig. If I was to do it again, I would consider having the frame sprayed with a rhino bed liner. I have also run a hot wire from the trailer plug out to the trailer to mount some well placed work lights that I can flip on and off at the light and have a 12 volt outlet so I can plug in and make coffee.
  4. tomo

    tomo LawnSite Senior Member
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    hello, building a trailer 3500lbs axles
    12 x 6 only 4 hauling a full size ztr mower and lots of hand held equipment
    so far
    large hydraulic brakes --auto 11 inch discs /caliper
    galvinised main frame
    led lights
    drop axle 4 inch
    step up draw bar [to elevate coupling back to original height /due to drop axle]
    15 inch deck height !!!!!!!!
    cAble spring assist custom made to suit the weight of my tailgate engineer selected spring and made to suit
    supports or commonly called knees are fitted to tailgate ,as u would expect positioned where the wheels travel . Ramp is very stiff as a result .It will never bend .
    incorperate 3 "" load spreading beams"" into main floor frame
    rear jack stands [use when loading the very heavy large mowers][prevent over loading the chassis where it would other wise be un supported]
    over all very good use of spaces eg storage
  5. stroker51

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    My mow trailer, 16' w/2' dovetail, 5' gate with 3 gas shocks, lift with one hand. I had the builder weld a rub rail on the outside of all the steak pockets on the side of the trailer. This way I got somewhere easy to tie to no matter where on the trailer the load is. Electric breaks both axles, trailer finish is all dupont finishes primer and paint. Can't forget the Buyer's Products trimmer racks too.
    When I get my dump trailer this spring, I'm going to put pallet fork tubes underneath, build a wheelbarrow rack on the gooseneck part, and probably put some clips on the side for shovels and stuff. I'm also gonna get a roll out landscape tarp on the front, and lots of D-rings inside to tie down the skid steer, edgers, and other stuff.
  6. Tvov

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    from CT
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    Think about having simple, small steps welding onto the outside of the trailer, maybe on either side of the fenders. Just a small piece of diamond plate would work. Depending on how and where your lights are mounted, try protecting them with steel or even a "step" above them. My trailers have the trailer brake lights mounted on the back of the fenders, and so many times they have gotten broken by guys stepping on them to get into the trailer. They are in a very convenient spot to have a step anyways.

    How do people protect the wiring harness near to where it plugs into the truck? So many times while hooked up and having to step over the hitch, a person's foot gets caught on the wiring. I have to figure out how to move the plug so that there is still enough slack for tight turns, but the wires are out of the way of being tripped over.
  7. stroker51

    stroker51 LawnSite Senior Member
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  8. tomo

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    hello, any body or am i assuming every body uses 8 x 5 with one push mower . :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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