what sprayer pressure r u using for ct apps?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by growingdeeprootsorganicly, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Did a some testing today to see how my sprayer was affecting biology before I went out to do some apps of ct.
    In the past I've only tested early brews 18-24 hr teas, just bacteria and fungal dominated, few if any protozoa. as long as i'm right at or below a 80- 90psi
    bact and fungi where very little affected after going through sprayer.

    i have a 20 g per minute 300 psi max diaphragm pump and a wand type applicator with a large fan spray pattern

    I ran a 40 hr+ brew for lots of protozoa for today's apps for some nutrient cycling, soil drenching mostly. pretty good numbers of protozoa,maybe one or two hundred flagellates" hard to count too many" and about two to 5 amoebae"oozers only" per field of view using a 20x objective.

    I was so surprised to see how much damage the pump does to the flagellates at around 80- 90 psi :hammerhead: I dropped presser to around 60-70 and still maybe around 75% of the flagellates get stunned and aren't moving,:dizzy:amoebae#'s seemed unaffected though.

    How i did the testing was to spray into a 5 gallon bucket about half way up and scoop a cupful and draw a sample from that. I wanted to let the biology settle in the bucket a while before i took sample to let biology maybe recover a bit but i didn't have time today.

    I dropped my presser to about 50psi and hoped for the best before i went out today.

    My 3 questions to you guys and gals is, my dilution was only 1 to 3 200g total
    if i diluted with more water would that help at all?
    or does dilution not matter,only presser?

    and what presser are you guys spraying at?

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    I am of little help w/ first 2 questions. I spray at 25 psi, but w/ a small boom. I was told by more seasoned brewers to use as low a pressure as possible. Mike
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    is there a screen in your sys, that's what we were tearing up the herd with. that's gone and we spray at 90 psi with good numbers.the screen did not hurt it that bad only 10-20% kill after 4 hour wait. spray some on a bush and let it sit for a while and then wash it off with distilled water and look at the carnage then!! you kill almost 50 % of your herd after 2 days in the big wide world. especially the ones out of the ground.
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    As a brewed CT and as a foliar that is what you should expect, over populate to get control, as the environment is less inviting the numbers are reduced. there are no more resources

    the interesting question is do they sporilate or just become biomass

    Some advice from a trusted advisor on CT is,..... it is the PSI not the pump that tears them up

    A nice 300 PSI arc into a tree, no problem, a 150PSI straight onto a bush or turf............BLAMM dead microbes
  5. treegal1

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    Bill, i know you got some espert iess, or some thing like that, but my logic says that if we could get a kill at 5000 psi we would just treat water like that for municipal sources? but that's a little vino logic so......... salt to taste first

    I do agree that the mist and impact are a key

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