What Style Pumps for Compost Tea?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by FOL, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. FOL

    FOL LawnSite Member
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    Is it better to use a sprayer, "when spraying compost tea" with a diaphragm pump or hypro centrifugal pump? If possible, could your answer have any data or resources to support your statement?

  2. roccon31

    roccon31 LawnSite Member
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    to be totally safe, i would tend to think that using air pressure to pressurize a spray tank would be the best way to spray, however probably not nearly as efficient as the pumps that are available.
  3. Mr. Nice

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    You guys, the right pump is the one that delivers product efficiently with out too much trouble and does as little harm to live active biology once run through sprayer rig.

    Now as far as data or test study to support facts......... you will need a microscope.
    Thats what works in the real world. and is the only way to fine tune your sprayer.

    All sprayer "pumps/rigs" set ups are different, only once put together can you test.
    Maybe some body out there has built a complete commercial rig that has testing done? Ive never seen it.
  4. treegal1

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    the hypro is the pump of choice, or any other diaphragm. but after some recent pump service I am starting to re think or mull over a roller pump. if you do use a hyrpro or other diaphragm pump just have a spare set of rubbers handy. the centrifugal pumps mulch the fungal's some but not to bad
  5. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have some video test results on my webpage of running CT through an impeller centrifugal pump. It was a cheap sump pump. Google my name combined with compost or microbes.
  6. FOL

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    Something is really wrong with your site. I tried with both Firefox & IE.
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    FOL its old school try Wmedia...
  8. treegal1

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    on second thought maybe his site is not working corectly..........
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    Yikes ..... got hacked. If you need help Tim, let me know. Hope you have a backup.

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    Oh now tim got a problem

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