What supplier to order my first demo-kit from

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by advancedlawnsolutions, Feb 20, 2007.

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    Hey, can someone give me some suggestions as of which supplier to order my first demo kit from. I saw a thread where Paul gave caution to Progress & Malibu. I'll consider that. Anymore thoughts on what to make sure a 1st kit contains (type of lights). I want to play around with it on some relatives houses as I study Nate's book before I advertise. - Thanks
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    I would try to pick up the same type of fixtures that you intend to use for your installs. That being bullets, wash lights, well lights and the like. You can use the lower grade materials like cast aluminum instead of bronze or copper to save some money. Remember that it's the lamp that does the work. The fixture holds the lamp. Don't use a par light to demo an effect that you plan on using an MR lamp on. If you intend to use a bullet, demo a bullet. If it's a par well light that you are planning on using, use that. I walk onto demos quite often and will see nothing but par well lights all over the place and I know that the finished lighting is not going to look anything like the demo. (Fortunately I'm not installing that demo)

    You can pick up those materials from your local distributor and they might even cut you a deal on some fixtures if you tell them that you are putting together a demo kit.

    Good luck!!

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