what the first step you need to do after grading.....

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kbcjlc, May 12, 2002.

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    what the first step you need to do after grading.....

    1. Soil test? How many of you do that first thing?

    2. Roundup? is that need?

    3. roll and patch the dirt

    4. spiking

    5. seeds and starter FROM Lesco.

    6. light watering

    7. roll mat or straw

    8. watering

    Ok...If you see ants in the dirt, do you go ahead and spray the whole yard to get rid of bugs/ants?

    Just want to see your opoinio
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    Soil tests are always good. Kind of like finding the way with a map.

    Roundup? How long did the newly graded soil sit? If there are difficult perennial grasses present then by all means get them out before the lawn goes in. But then don't waste the effort by mulching with Hay! Use a weed free paper based mulch.

    I work for LESCO so I'd better reserve comment on seed & fert choice (yesssss).

    Ants don't harm turf here. Spraying for them with a contact insecticide would most likely kill only the workers & have little or no effect on the actual colony. If they are an actual destructive or dangerous ant, I like baits. We get quite a bit of carpenter Ant activity around here & I use Maxforce Carpenter Ant Gel.
    Do you have Ants that mound so badly they damage turf?



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