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    I have worked for an older lady for a few year's, 90+.
    Spring/fall cleanup, clean gutter's, tree trimming, some home repair's.

    The lawn has alway's looked like chit, bare spot's and cut way too short.

    Last fall here sewer like was replaced, the plumber left alot of bare dirt area's. She called me late April and wanted the yard seeded.

    We did a good seed job of the entire yard and the weather has been favorable, so it look's pretty good. :)

    When we seeded I asked her to let me mow for awhile because I was worried about it getting cut short.

    I mowed three time's in seven week's, it take's me fifty minute's with a 44" proline to mow, trim and blow.

    Well she was away on vacation most of the time, third mow was last evening.
    I billed for $135.00 for the three mow's.

    She looked a little suprised, so I asked what she had been paying..........


    I asked if a grown man was mowing?


    I told her to get him back there....

    Anyway she want's me to put a area rug in an upstair's room next week, it will take two of us an hour.
    Her bill for that will be about what she pay's for seven mow's.....

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