What the heck is that thing in lawns? ...

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mkroher, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. mkroher

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    It looks like an upside down root. When you mow it, it gives a 'scalp' look.

    I pulled one out today. It was about 3" high (after cutting). Had a few small tillers going up the stem, but at the top, had a damn tiller 'ball' going on. I see these things everywhere. They seem to team up and bunch together in clusters. What the hell is it? Is there a way to control it?

  2. TSM

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    sounds like you are describing BentGrass? Although I have never heard anyone describe it as an upside down root. :)

    BentGrass, when mowed at tall heights, will look sort of like a Palm Tree. All stem then it 'leafs out' at the top of the plant...after mowing (the green leaf portion gets mowed away) it leaves the brown stem...kinda like what you said as 'scalped'

    At this time there are no selective controls for BentGrass
  3. mkroher

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  4. philk17088

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    It could be yellow tuft, a fungus that causes the grass to grow deformed. I get it every year in my home lawn around Sept.

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