What the heck is this????

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Smithers, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. gqnine44

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    So only the last two years??? Did he do any seeding? If not, then it is probably Nimblewill. Nimblewill is very similiar to Zoysia only a weed that goes dormant. No selective killer so use Roundup if he cant live with it. Same if it is Zoysia.

    But it does look more like Zoysia to me.
  2. Smithers

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    i wanted to show you guys two pics....

    this one is from middle of 9/25/05

  3. Smithers

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    check out the pattern on this one and see how it matches with the pattern on the dead grass on the first picture on top.

  4. grassguy_

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    Look at your last two pics and notice even on the pic done in september you can distiguish the color difference taking place, even as suttle as the difference is , the Zoysia is fading. BTW , some nice pics too!
  5. Smithers

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    absolutelly correct!!! you can see the shade or two of LIGHTER green on the september picture where the "white" grass used to be.

    grassguy, do you also think it's a zoyisa grass....up here in Mi and not on the complete lawn?
  6. 6'7 330

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    We have a few zoysia lawns here in Chicago...In most cases of a Zoysia lawns planted here ,the home owner planted a few plugs of Zoysia, and years later the results are a mostly Zoysia lawn.The first cool nights in early fall and the Zoysia starts fading.It is the last to green up in spring, and goes straw brown with any frost at all.It is pain the ass,when your in cool season turf country lol.
  7. Runner

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    Yep. That's what it is. My sister just bought a house last year and HALF of her lawn is Zoysia. There is more of a definitive line between that and her other grass. I'll try to get some pics and post them. I'm going to wipe that out and reseed. It's tricky though, because after you spray this, you have to wait and re-treat it again to make sure you got it all (like bentgrass).
  8. Smithers

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    joe, are you going to round up it, or just scrape the top of the lawn and put new sod? cause that's what i will recommend to him...new sod in the front.

    bill, you said "brown".....i hope you meant "white", cause this is how this looks...white.
  9. Runner

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    Have to spray it. Otherwise, you leave some roots and rhyzome, so inevetibly, some will come back.
  10. Fvstringpicker

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    You guy sure this is zoysia? If so, I'm not familar with the cultivar.

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