"What the heck, my lawn looks like crap"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by walker-talker, Mar 6, 2002.

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    Ok, in my situation I will expalin to the customer before I aerate that there are going to be little plugs of dirt laying around after I finish and not to worry, mother nature will take care of it.

    I have a new overseeder that I have not used (Jacobson Aero King), but man this thing pulls up thatch, debri and healthy grass. Before I sell the job I fully intend to expalin all this to the customer. I will also tell the customer that the next time I mow or they mow, all this stuff on top will be mulched or bagged. I have two questions here dealing with the thatch that comes to the surface when overseeding.

    1) Anyone have horror stories coming from customers complaints?

    2) How long after overseeding is it safe to mow without disturbing the seed? I suppose a week would be sufficient, but just looking for some "been there done that" answers!

  2. You must have it set up for verticutting with the nasty wheels.

    Try to mow and bag as low as possible b/4 operating the seeder.

    A jrco rake and a bag job b/4 seeding is needed to do a PRE- dethatching.

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