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    I found this to be my biggest challenge last year, I tried all season to schedule a certain route on a certain day each week, but the weather kept me off base all season. I found myself getting really frustrated, and to make it worse I don't know how to fix this problem for next season?
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    Some guys schedule hedge trimming and other work on Friday or Sat so they have a makeup day....or have Monday's as makeup days ..
    We mow unless there is a torrential downpour
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    Good thread!

    One thing I've learned is that downtime kills the bottom line, messes up your schedule and can ruin your relationships with your customers. Have a backup plan for as many things as you can. What if your truck breaks down, your main mower, blower, trimmer. You should have backups or some sort of contingency plan for all of the above because sooner or later it will happen.

    Learn how to fix stuff yourself and bring tools and supplies with you at all times. Having some bailing wire, duct tape, expoxy (liquid and putty), a portable air pump, electrical tape and connectors and some common-sized nuts and bolts in stock can save you a run to the hardware store and keep you on schedule. And don't forget the fire extinguisher and first aid kit!!! I also bring a couple of scrap 2 x 4s, 2 x 6's and 4 x 4s with me in case I have to block something up or to support one corner of my trailer gate if I can park it on level ground. I also bring spare lubricants/fluids for everything I run as well as a spare belt for every belt on all of my equipment. I carry at least one jack stand at all times too.
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    I'm not going to put a mower in a rain soaked yard just to keep a schedule I made a disclaimer in my service agreements about that, most understand but a few still don't get it and want it cut as soon as it dries out but by then I have another route to tend to I keep a fairly tight schedule but when it rains for two days in a row or more it's total chaos. I have managed to keep all the equipt running with very little downtime due to a rigorous maint schedule every weekend. the only maint issue I had last year was a starter and soilnoid go out but the dealer had it back up in a half a day under warranty so it wasn't to awful bad.I get the makeup day thing but I can't make up two or three days?
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    So far so good. I agree with all of this

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