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What time do you start?

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What is the earliest time in the morning you start a residential
job? I try not to begin before 8AM, for fear of waking up the
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8am sharp, we used to start 7-7:30 for 4 years, people seem happier now with that time. We have gotten one complaint at 9am - that's too early?!? Employees were happier also when we moved the time to 8am.
Agree not before 8AM. Nowadays, with so many people complaining about noise, especially from backpack blowers, I think it is poor business practice to start earlier.
How about on the weekends? How early is too early?

We show up at work at 7:30. with 5 guys in the company it takes about 30 minutes to do all maintenance on the machines, mix gas, unload grass and load machines. so it's usually 8:30 by the time we roll up to the first job site. We don't mow on saturdays unless it rains...then its prolly 10 before we start. We try to do hedge trimming and everything on saturdays since it's quieter...we've had people never know we were there when we were doing some serious landscaping.
On Mon. and Tues. we start at 6:15 Wed. we spray weed at 6:15 and begin mowing at 7:00 Thursday, Friday and Sat. anything with a mower starts at 7:00

Need to take a couple of days off toward end of next week so am going to mow on Sun. this week.
8am is the earliest for residential
8 am for res.
5:30 for some comm.
7:00 a. m. I think most people understand with it being hot that I need to start as soon as I can. :cool:
No residential before 8:00am....We usually start commercials at 6:30am before the parking lots start filling up.

Saturdays, I like to sleep in, so 9:00am is an early day for me. Depends on how much I drank the night before....

:drinkup: ;)
Employees get in between 7 and 7:30... Usually leave the shop within 10 minutes of all of them arriving and start cutting between 7:45 and 8:15 on weekdays...

Saturday starts around 9am... Sundays around 12pm...
Well tomorrow i will leave the shop at 6 AM drive 15 miles to job site and be there a 5.30 am. Tell me how i do this.
Do you cross any time zone lines?
Originally posted by pyrocare
Do you cross any time zone lines?
You got it. form Eastern to Central.
One morning I was doing an account at 8:30. Lady comes out in her PJ's and tells me that people in her neighborhood don't mow before 9am. Meanwhile, another LCO is mowing next door to me. I'm like WTF???
Man, that's gotta be tough to get used to. (time zone thing)

I leave the house at 9:00 and usually will be mowing about 9:15 or so M-S. Sunday start time is 10:00 if I absolutely have to.

I tell my customers 8:00 so if I get behind or need to get off early to go play golf or something I got that extra hour if needed. No objections from anyone yet.
Shopwork at 7 or 8. In the field at 8 or 9. Sometimes as late as 10 if other things have to be done, or any running around.
On residential jobs, we start at 8:00. On commercial jobs we start at 7:00.
When the heat sets in, like now, we start residentials at 7:30 and commercials as early as 4:00AM. In fact, tomorrow we are starting a big commercial job at 4:00AM. All my ZTR's have lights.:D
I get up at 5 AM I eat breakfast and then around 6AM I load up then by 7AM I take out to the first job of the day. I agree residential should not start until 8AM, however if your out in the country the cow have been milked for hours so I lite off around 730AM. Commercial as early as 7AM. Sometime If I run into someone I will sit and go have coffee and shot the breeze for a while. I am no big hurry Life is to short and I don't overload myself with tto much that I can't handle in a 10 hour day.:cool: I can't get use to this civilian time I am use to using the 24 hour time.:blob2:
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